Thursday, October 27, 2011

The 2012 Olympics, bad time to get married or die in London

London. (EP / Reuters) .- The Londoners who live close to Olympic Park next year and want to get married, go to work, dine, drink and even die during the celebration of the Olympic Games are going to be involved in serious difficulties.

Churches, bars, banks, restaurants and thousands of businesses located near the park or on transportation routes that millions of fans and athletes must use to reach the Olympic venues are already making plans pending massive disruptions of service, delivery, schedules availability of labor and money.

Londoners are being warned they could face a shortage of fish and meat and that banks may have complications to supply their ATMs. In addition, many employees have been warned that they will have to fight for a place in an already collapsed public transport system.

Expectant couples to marry next summer in the church of St John, in the Stratford area where the Olympic Park, have few opportunities to do so, since the place is in the middle of the 160 km Olympic Route .

"I tell the couple that we recommend to choose another wedding date," he told Reuters Carol Richards, assistant parish of St John, who also said that in case of death the family must wait for a quiet day in the Olympic calendar for the funeral.

London traders, whose trading rights date from a privilege granted by Edward III in 1327 - are concerned that traffic restrictions to achieve something that happened even in times of war.

"Something that could not be two World Wars-stop Billingsgate, can occur with the Olympics," remarked Don Tylor, President of the association of fish merchants. Meanwhile, Greg Lawrence, president of the association of meat sellers Smithfield, said the worst part is that people can not even get to buy.

"If the streets are so jammed we can not ship nor have customers inside, this means that restaurants and shops do not have supplies of meat," he said. To reduce the pressure, advised merchants that store non-perishable items like water and paper, who shared creasen deliveries or small stores.


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