Tuesday, October 25, 2011

John Terry investigating racism Chelsea

Chelsea facing a storm after being accused of not knowing how to control their players in the tense match last Sunday Premier League with Queens Park Rangers, in which he suffered two ejections and seven cautions. Their defender John Terry, on the other hand, was being investigated by the police and the England Football Association following a complaint that he made ​​racist comments to defender Anton Ferdinand Queens Park Rangers.

The Association questioned in particular the way the Chelsea players surrounded and questioned the referee Chris Foy after the expulsion of Jose Bosingwa side after 33 minutes. It was the first of two Chelsea players expulsions ordered by the whistle in a game won 1-0 Queens Park Rangers. 's Association on Tuesday asked Chelsea coach Andre Villas-Boas explanation for the criticisms made ​​to the referee and his attendees after the meeting. Villas-Boas said Foy arbitration was "very, very poor" and that those responsible for controlling the game "were seized by the public." Chelsea has until Friday to respond. Police said was "informed of an incident ... in which there would have been insulting racist tone" from Terry.

The complaint would have been a spectator who attended the clash between the two London clubs at Loftus Road. "The case is being evaluated," said a police statement said. The Association, meanwhile, said he had "received a complaint Relations, a Of course racism episode "and was" starting investigations. " Terry denied making racist comments in the party, which included two ejections and nine warnings, mostly of players from Chelsea. have circulated video of the episode and some say it is clear that Terry is throwing insults of a racist tone Ferdinand, who is black. Terry, however, says that it is "taking things out of context" and is coming to "the wrong conclusions." "I thought Anton was accused of having me released an insult of racist tone. I said hard, saying he had not said anything, "said Terry in a statement. Terry says Ferdinand has not accused of anything and gave the matter closed, according to an interview published on Tuesday the Daily Mail Chelsea coach Andre Villas-Boas said Terry accepted the explanation that everything "was a misunderstanding." The matter could give ammunition to those who believe that Terry should not be captain of the England team.

Terry recovered the captaincy this year after coach Fabio Capello itself removed in February 2010 following allegations that he had had a relationship with the former girlfriend of a friend in Chelsea and in the selection, Wayne Bridge. The Rio inherited captaincy Ferdinand, brother of Anton and years behind Terry partner in the national team. Ferdinand left the band after 13 months. Terry is accustomed to scandals off the field of play. On one occasion he was fined for abusing American tourists being drunk. He has been kicked out of nightclubs and the press reports every so often some infidelity. The Football Association has not intervened so far in relation to the alleged act racist Terry, but accused the club of "failing to ensure that their players behave accordingly" . Didier Drogba was also dismissed in the first half and admonished Foy seven players from Chelsea, making Villas-Boas who accuse him of being carried away by the public. The agency is investigating allegations that Luis Suarez, Liverpool, tone gave a racist insult Manchester United defender Patrice Evra on 15 October.


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