Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Korfball, an unknown sport 'unisex' rooted in Catalonia

It is played with a ball, two baskets and mixed teams are formed by four men and four women. We're not talking about a new type of basketball but to Korfball , a sport that began in the early twentieth century in Holland and is recognized in the International Olympic Committee . Catalonia has its own selection and these days the World Cup dispute this sport in China.

"In schools and institutes have experienced an increase in participation over the past five years. We have over 1,000 licenses in official competitions and over 10,000 students practice Korfball through school competitions in Catalonia. Although we are not at the level of other sports known in Catalonia we have done nothing but grow, "says Silvia May , the president of the Catalan Federation of Korfball .

Although economic problems had jeopardized the participation of the Catalan team in the World after the company appealed the end it was possible to be for the World Cup. The final recognition of the Catalan official arrived in October 2005 when he was elected full member of the International Korfball Federation in a meeting held in Terrassa. And it is precisely in this city was played the first game of Korfball in Catalonia in 1980, in the field of CP Viver Pere between the Lyceum and the Pere Egara Viver. Since its recognition as the Catalan team has participated in several World and European. "In the last World Cup and were in ninth place for a relatively young national team is not a bad result. In fact, we are eighth in the world and come to a fifth place in Europe. With this background we predict a good outcome in this world, "said the president of the Catalan Federation of Korfball.

With the aim of promoting the game internationally one of the next challenges of the Federation is the global organization of Korfball sub'23 to be held next year in Barcelona. "It will be a very magical and spectacular to put Catalunya in the world and to be able to look in a sport that we play as hosts," concluded May.


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