Thursday, October 27, 2011

The streak equals the initial lift of Madrid and Barcelona in the last two league

The Levant, after victory against Real Sociedad (3-2) in the ninth game of the season , has equaled the sum of twenty-three points with which began the Real Madrid and Barcelona the last two editions of the Spanish championship. The group led by Juan Ignacio Martinez is the sole leader of the First Division thanks to seven wins and two draws he has achieved in the first nine days of the season. The Real Madrid last year, and Barcelona in last season, signed a beginning identical to the Levant has completed this season , with the same number of wins and draws and no defeat. The last time that exceeds this number of points in the first nine games of the tournament was in season 97 -98, in which Barcelona won twenty-five points with eight wins and one draw. For seventeen victories in campaigns that are worth three points and first since then has only been exceeded this year's score at this stage of the tournament twice and equaled four.


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