Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There will be surprise meeting in the NBA and world tour announcement of the stars

The surprise has jumped back into the labor dispute affecting the NBA to know through various news reports that team owners and players union will meet in New York.

The new negotiating session comes less than a week have broken abruptly three days of talks and 30 hours they had with the federal mediator George Cohen.

Several sources close to the parties reported that the return to negotiations is the process that has hitherto unexpected schedule meetings, despite the previous sessions have ended without agreement and accusing each other of lack of agreement.

The final breakdown of negotiations took place last Thursday when Cohen mediation failed and after the deal the owners offer 50 percent of revenues to the players and they reject it and ask for a 52.5 per cent.

The owners refused to continue negotiations or enter into other trouble spots of negotiating the new agreement as the salary cap.

The players want to maintain the current salary cap system a little stiff with a luxury tax, while the owners will want much more strict and pay triple the penalty for teams that pass.

The breakdown of negotiations has generated the possibility that more cancellations are announced in regular season games in the month of November already lost 100 for the first two weeks of competition.

NBA commissioner David Stern planned to have announced yesterday, Tuesday the cancellation of more games, another 102 until the date of November 28, however, not officially released.

Although both parties to agree to sign a new collective agreement, at least four weeks are required to complete all the official prosecution of it before it can begin to compete officially.

Heated tempers

The new meeting comes more faced with courage and with the direct accusation of the President of the union of players, the base of Los Angeles Lakers, Derek Fisher, who branded as liars to the directors of the league.

Fisher told reporters that both the deputy commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, and the Spurs owner Peter Holt, who also heads the labor relations committee of the league, had lied in a press conference after three days negotiations with Cohen as a mediator.

The first means of communication announced the celebration of the new meeting between the owners and players union was the newspaper "New York Daily News".

According to the same source, the working groups will be small and is scheduled to attend the meeting Commissioner Stern, who could not attend last Thursday on the last working session with Cohen because of the flu.

As usual in the negotiations between the parties, complete secrecy is maintained as a work program and details of the issues to be addressed.

There will be a world tour

Meanwhile, a group of 18 stars of the NBA, led by guard Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony , among others, are ready to start on Sunday in Puerto Rico a world tour six games.

The official announcement of the full list and details of the tour will not be released until this afternoon.

Although it is known that the first stop on the Island of Enchantment, where, on Sunday 30, will open the competition at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum and the sale of tickets for the game of Puerto Rico will begin this afternoon.

The following games will be played on 1 and 3 November at the O2 Arena, London, while the fourth will be held on 6 month on the island of Macao, Cotai Arena in is inside the Venetian Hotel.

The tour will be completed on Australian soil when NBA stars play the 8th and 9th November at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.

Each player will receive a salary between half a million and one million dollars and most of the money could be allocated to charitable organizations.


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