Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hatred of the Carlos Tevez joins Manchester United and the City

This weekend we play the classic city of Manchester between United and City, a game full of passion and rivalry. Despite the animosity between the two hobbies there is a point of agreement and union: Hatred of the Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez . The Apache came from the hearts of fans from both teams through the back door. With 'Red Devils' the clash was gradual and ended in the transfer of the hated rival, something regarded as a betrayal. In the case of the 'Citizens' reluctance to enter a game of the Champions League was the trigger for their marginalization.

Now that the party is approaching the bookmaker Betfair launched an initiative to show contempt for South American player: He hired a garbage truck where fans can throw the shirt of Tevez and the response has been substantial. "I can not stand" "If you do not play with heart and just do it for money, must be removed" are some of the comments from fans of both teams disappointed. The clash of Premier League on Sunday at Old Trafford is loaded with 130 years of tradition and the struggle to the top of the championship. Only one point separates the City from United, but the Argentine unites contempt.


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