Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beckham: "An Englishman should lead the team after Capello"

English footballer David Beckham wants to be an Englishman to take charge of the national team when Italian Fabio Capello leaves office after next year's European Championship.

The ex-captain, who played a total of 115 times for his country, more than any other player, said in an interview filmed for the BBC in Los Angeles that "ideally, of course, that an English coach to lead the England team , that simple. "

"But we have not had that option in recent years, so we had a coach who has experienced success around the world, Fabio Capello, but eventually all the English want an English manager," added the player of 36 years .

Beckham also said that Wayne Rooney should be selected in the list for Euro 2012, although the striker is suspended in the first three games unless the English FA wins the appeal filed by UEFA, European football's central body to obtain a reduction of the sanction imposed.

Rooney was suspended by UEFA for a hard tackle on Miodrag Dzudovic in qualifying for Euro 2012, which was considered by UEFA as a punishment. "It's a very important player for our country and once you get through those early stages, is when a player like Wayne Rooney, will appear in the game," Galaxy midfielder said of Los Angeles.

The English player to Rooney does not excuse his actions, but said: "Obviously it is disappointing that a player like him is going to lose those games. However, if you have the opportunity to have a player like Wayne, of course there be seized. "

English also said that despite his age, 36 years, would like to be part of Team GB in the football tournament of the Olympic Games for the first time for the British since 1960. "Despite my age, I'm like a kid when it comes to running my country, so that if there would be an honor", as quoted.

Beckham helped the Galaxy reach the MLS Western Conference this week, but his five-year contract with the club ending this month, noting that its future is still uncertain . When asked about a possible move to Paris Saint Germain said they had shown interest, but there was nothing done. "I personally have not spoken to them yet, but clearly there is interest" she said.

"Also I have interest in staying here, and the interest that for some clubs in the Premier League, my 36 years is quite an honor. I'm very flattered, but right now I am Galaxy player," settled.


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