Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Madrid look for a '10 'against Osasuna

Real Madrid have taken direct. It is a machine to crush teams. Mourinho are the enviable streak, inviting fans to dream, to believe that this season can achieve higher goals, like winning the league title or, especially, the tenth Champions.

And is that Real Madrid has won the last nine games he has played, including league and Champions. The balance is spectacular. He has scored 31 goals and has only received three. Since Santander tied, the guys are proving intractable Mourinho, with thrashings and many moments of good play. Of the 31 goals that add up, 9 of them have scored in the Champions League, looking very superior and dominating a group that have already faced Dinamo Zagreb, Ajax and twice Olympique Lyon.

Mou Madrid last night wiped out the French team in their stadium with a forcefulness that makes him one of the strongest candidates to go very far in this Champions.

His win confirms the maturity and the packaging that this team has achieved. Gerland stadium was one of those damn where the white team succumbed, disappeared from the field and received defeat after defeat. The fifth was the charm. It has gone from losing (3-0, 2-0, 1-0) to tie the last year and yesterday a 0-2 win.

CR7 is a steamroller

If you highlight a player in this winning streak and thrashings, that's Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has made ​​in the nine-game winning streak, a total of 9 goals. The average is one per game. Yesterday was 'double' and it was a nightmare for Lyon. Higuain followed with 7 points, and Benzema, with 4.

But if there is anything out of this is its strength Real Madrid in the Champions League. It is the only team that is unbeaten in the group stage of this competition. Iker Casillas has not received a single goal in four games he has played.

This fact speaks volumes about the whole coaching Mourinho. In addition to avoiding a goal keeper at peak times, it is evident that the collective work pays off.

In a competition like the Champions League is important not conceding a goal, especially from the second round, when the playoffs begin.

Real Madrid is showing very strong, balanced and with an enviable greed to steal the ball. One of his secrets is the capacity in which players are used to pressure their opponents. They do it close to your goal and with a high intensity level.

The Real Madrid live a sweet moment. A leader in the Spanish competition, first in the Champions League group and shows the virtues of a powerful team.


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