Saturday, November 5, 2011

David Ferrer: "In the third set I lost concentration"

The tennis player David Ferrer commented after being dismounted from the end of the Valencia Open 500 by Argentine Juan Monaco that one of the reasons to be deleted and not re-edit the end of last year is that "it has lost focus in the third set ".

The Javea also wanted to give more importance to defeat it has. "It's okay, it's a game of tennis," said the owner of the tournament with Juan Carlos Ferrero, although it qualified: "I'm not as owner." "In the next game will try to correct what this night has gone wrong," he said more seriously.

Ferrer predicted a "very tough final" between Granollers and Monaco. "Marcel Granollers is doing a great tennis, I want to win it because he is Spanish and my friend," he said. The Alicante believes that "Monaco is in the final because he deserves it."

On the match against Argentina explained that he lacked "concentration in the first set." "I reacted too late and with a player like Monaco. In the first set I had bad feelings and have been very irregular. In the third it was very fast track and I have been 5-2 down," he said.

Ferrer felt the heat of Valencia in the semi-public and throughout the tournament. "The fans have been ten and has been the shame has been unable to win so we can give." "The public support and has a great influence for good," he acknowledged.

After being removed from the Valencia Open 500, Ferrer said "what is now central Paris Bercy and then the Masters, the Davis is given much importance, but now thinks it is closer." "Then will come the Davis, which is very nice and very good but the individual ranking is what counts," he concluded.


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