Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emery takes the hint

Unai Emery was yesterday with the head and in the derby against Levante next Saturday, although the aftermath of the Champions League had made great feeling after the important 3-1 victory over Bayer Leverkusen.

Valencia coach opened the program MARK Radio Intermediate to explain that he did not take the hint when a section of the stands of Mestalla shouted "donkey, donkey" when he was about to make the change by Piatti Feghouli: "I was very focused on the game. When the coach makes decisions and do not like may have their critics. The most important thing is to be won. It is a story of which I am the principal involved and the step above. "

The technician, sitting in the same place where President Llorente said the goal of winning the league Valencia, proposed a radically different discourse: "I will not sell our aim is to win the league when Real and Barca are strong. The base is to play the Champions League. "

The Valencia coach explained that relies heavily on descent Soldier exerted on the rest of the staff, as well as the goals that mark: "It's growing at top speed. Has the responsibility this year as one of the team's potential scorers and has major maturity. should continue to require to be important for the team and for Spanish football. "

Also, wanted to put a good face downward Banega, despite his team noticed the absence of the Argentine much against Leverkusen: "We are delighted Banega performance, but we know we will not have him one or two months. Ever But last year was not and the team won. Tino, Parejo have to take a step forward and trust them. We must find the condition of the other players and not rely on one in particular. "


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