Friday, November 4, 2011

The 'rompegafes' of Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho is gradually destroying these gafes that weighed in recent years Chamartín club. The manager of Real Madrid landed at the Bernabeu to flip the tortilla. Florentino Perez, after the failure of Manuel Pellegrini, the coach chose Luso as the leader who had to end with Barcelona, ​​who just left without Champions Mou eliminating Inter Milan. Emergencies Real Madrid could not dilate more and president knew all white on the safe bet.

With a meteoric career in Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan, full of titles, Mourinho came with the band of the winner. A technician with his own methods and ways, but if something claimed, was to win. A greatly outweighed its predecessor ridicule him in the King's Cup with a second B as Alcorcón, a large moon of Real Madrid in recent times, and not being able to overcome the wall of the second round in the Champions League against Olympique of Lyon.

Mourinho was step by step. He knew firsthand the importance of the butler tournament, especially for a man, Iker Casillas. Real Madrid captain was the paradigm of the last edition of the Copa del Rey. He started in all the heats, totaling 750 minutes in the competition. Was the title that he needed to complete a perfect track record over Casillas lifted the cup to the Valencia sky the night of April 20th after the Barcelona Mourinho batieran by the minimum, after a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo headed in the extension.

If the win against the Catalans had ended 18 years of drought, no less liberating was the victory against Olympique Lyon on March 16 at the Santiago Bernabeu. "For me it is normal to go to Madrid quarter-finals of the Champions," Mourinho said that day at a press conference. "The best club in history, the abnormal was that I was not here for so many years." The Portuguese was referring to the six courses that whites had been among the top eight of the continent, losing even its status as top seed in the draw for the Champions League.


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