Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mayweather sets date to fight with Pacquiao

The unbeaten world champion Floyd Mayweather announced what his next lawsuit is scheduled for May 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to rival even be defined. The current monarch Welter World Boxing Council, said his next match will be great for which left open the possibility of facing the Filipino Manny Pacquiao . Also: Countdown, all about Pacquiao. Marquez III in his last appearance on U.S. 34 years Welter crown snatched the World Boxing Council to Mexican-American Victor Ortiz , after 16 months of retirement. Leonard Ellerbe, CEO Mayweather Promotions, said he hoped to resolve the details that have prevented takes this meeting. One of the main factors was the fact that the Filipino refused to be drug testing. For his part, Bob Arum - promoter of the present king of pound for pound - said he does not think Mayweather says. Arum, promoter for more 50, said that so far has had no approach Mayweather with Top Rank so the date is not announce a reason to believe that the meeting can occur.


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