Friday, November 4, 2011

Lass wins the cracking

Few players have taken a similar cracking Mou. And very few, if any, can boast of having won, having played with the Portuguese after such a plant. Lass is the case, not just the course started gaining friends. He approached his coach to say he did not follow, that he did not count them, spent another season not equal, and not even go to spring training in the United States.

Trust may always be an advantage in these cases. It is true that Lass has a love-hate relationship with Mou since 20 years with only met him at Chelsea, where, incidentally, ran away after playing 13 league games in two years.

And that was the intention of the French again this season. In fact, everything was well determined and closed. Real Madrid and Tottenham reached an agreement on the assumption that the Frenchman had everything arranged, but the penultimate day of the close of business on the French backed down.

However, Mou, who knows you well, I never closed the door. So despite the rudeness immediately set to work with the team and not much later he was playing. The coach knew that with ailing Sahin and Altintop in the infirmary, was not to despise a player in the field will not let you down.
It was a player who could help in the midfield Xabi, as has been until seems to have lost the battle with Khedira, but also on the right side.

Side up with France
Mou already used occasionally in that position last year. Also in Chelsea, where he also did play left back. In France, where he has also lost its place, the Real Madrid has become one of his best games as a winger. It was against Italy on the orders of Domenech.

The midfielder has any hope of return, but was disappointed yesterday after finding that neither Blanc has called for the next two friendlies against the United States and Belgium. In the Spanish league with Eric Abidal and Benzema are Jérémy Mathieu Valencia CF and Adil Rami. Lass, however, does not surrender and trust the welcomed return and to reach the Championship if he keeps playing with Mou.


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