Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kevin Garnett became the best host for Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio wants to be ready when you begin the NBA. He knows he will have many eyes on him. Something that is used almost as a child. Based on talent and, above all, work has been turning those looks throughout his career. And now, when throwing the ball back on the floor of the courts of the NBA, you do it again.

This piece works daily in Los Angeles. Its sole purpose is to improve and be prepared to give the Timberwolves when they can train and play together. In the California city has coincided with two league heavyweights as Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. With them trained and they have heard the best advice before starting their quest. Especially Garnett, who acted as host to his arrival in Minneapolis, a city he knows well after his 12 seasons with the Wolves.

"Kevin Garnett has told me great things of Minneapolis and its people. I was told that the team is very supportive fans who love the sport and we must be prepared to give them what they expect from us, which is winning" Ricky said in a telephone interview to 'Star Tribune Minnesota.

The base of El Masnou young, well thank Garnett's words, also wanted to explain to the Wolves fans are and how to make it clear that you are ready when the season starts. "All I can do is train with these folks who have already played in the NBA and be ready when the season starts," said the new player of the Wolves. "The best I can do is look for on your game. In the end it's just basketball, but is different than in Europe, so I have to noticing and learning."

Ricky has proven its ability to learn from that debut with Joventut at just 14 years. It has been seven years that has not lived anywhere else that was not Barcelona. Now, thousands of miles away, will have to adapt not only to a new country, but a new life and a new climate. "Minnesota is going to be a big change in my life, though not the first time I see snow. Of course, I've never seen for more than a week," Ricky joked when asked about the harsh winter that we live in Minnesota.

Neither the cold is capable of undermining the morale of the Spanish base. Ricky is clear what he wants. He has always known. It's your dream and now has the opportunity to catch up. "I'm ready. Ready to start the season and make my dreams come true" sentenced Rubio to end an interview in which he makes clear his desire to succeed in a world as hard as it is the NBA.


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