Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ivan Hernandez: "We have unfinished business of regularity"

Sporting Zaragoza on Sunday is facing an event that, for many of its members, may be the most complicated of the League to date. In addition to the history and organization of the rival, added by the fact that, unlike the red and whites, the Mano team won three straight losses, and needs oxygen as soon as possible to avoid being mired in dangerous positions in the table, the that land is put through Preciado's team also.

Ivan Hernandez, who this season remains one of the cornerstones of the defense Gijon, acknowledges that despite the momentum of the team, no place to trust: "We are excited about the course of the last week, when we add seven nine possible points.'s start with one and ended up with eight. One of the unfinished business is the lack of regularity, but I think it is a characteristic of this team, which in recent years has not too bad. "

Still, the Spaniard acknowledges that the online team is up, regardless of the outcome. "I think you saw from the Racing game that started to catch the wave and greatly improve our game. We needed to endorse the good work done in the form of points and have done has given us confidence. But we also know that Like last year, possibly to achieve the goal we will need many points and in that way we are. You see that everyone gets good results and that adds up, so I think the figure will be high again, " said.

Ivan knows that Zaragoza will go for all, with the intention of breaking their losing streak on Sunday, while acknowledging that the Sporting depends more on himself to get a positive result. "What you change or a party is determined to address it to come out. The past and have no solution and each is a story. It is true that the two teams we counter paths in the last week, but I am convinced that's not going to influence anything. Of course we prefer to go to the fields as we are now, it seems that luck is a little more on our side. But do not guarantee anything if you're not one hundred percent, "he admits.

Despite the improvement the team out, Ivan does not trust what might happen on Sunday: "There is no question of defenses and attacks, but to be objective and know what is best for the team. They have very good people up, as Luis Garcia and Postiga, but we can not focus on specific players, but on the block, as we do with ourselves. "


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