Friday, November 4, 2011

Marcelino: "I regret not having signed another striker in the summer"

Marcelino has not proved wayward with the issue of planning and the current lack of strikers, now that Negredo and Kanoute are KO injury. The coach has spoken very in tune with the club's opinion on this matter.

"I do not regret having signed another striker over the summer. We thought it was not an excessive risk. Preferred to stay as we were if we did not have the player we wanted, we believe we have three strikers phenomenal very good level. This is football and is given the fact that two are injured. We do not regret that decision, we had no security to find a solution that would guarantee what we wanted, "he said.

The Spaniard insists that "we have a team good enough to win in Mallorca and will depend on what we can do in 90 minutes. The fact of not having Fredi and Alvaro is critical to achieving victory or not. Do not think there is a gap in the planning. Two specific injury coincided in time. I think that without European competition have enough staff to compete. "

As for the inclusion of Hiroshi in the list of Mallorca , "the party will tell if we need it or not. Changes can never predict when they will be. It's a long nine physical reference, good game back and top, play in the last 30 meters ".

He prefers not to mention winter signings

coach also spoke of the unlikelihood of Giovani dos Santos to his specific request in the summer and winter, landfall in Seville. Del Nido gave Thursday as impossible, "I know that this player if you can not come. It's okay. The subject of signings I will not comment anything, is a more sporty direction. Everything has a process and a time and it is now time to draw maximum attention to the current workforce performance. "

Regarding the situation of Negredo , "we believe will stop after the break, but I have no evidence right now. It would be contradictory for the selection was before with us, but it is up to doctors. I do not know that advance the dates you want to be with the team, he is annoyed because he can be with his team. "


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