Saturday, November 5, 2011

London 2012, works Olympus birth to 9 months

London , land of 'lords', tea, cultures and meridians, but also chaotic traffic, secrecy and outraged. Is something missing less than nine months for the wick of the cauldron garment for the third time in the city (1908 and 1948 were the other two editions) and the role is transferred to the rings, hymns and lights. On July 27, 2012, the Modern Age released their XXX Olympic Games .

The concrete city to clean up chewing your face, challenging the breathing crisis the world economy and searching for that desired creditworthiness. Good sense, good-looking. But if you go to London, does not move. Stand still, breathe, and arm yourself with patience against the jam is very easy to invest a little over two hours to make a journey of 25 or 30 minutes. Course equivalent, for example, which runs from downtown to the Olympic Park, located east of the city, in Stratford (Newham).

The area, traditionally industrial, has cultivated all buildings on the premises Olympic Green and technology. A total regeneration of the district based on recyclable construction and adaptable, and whose main artery, the river Lea , is responsible for dividing the 'mini-city' Olympic from north to south. Parks, lawns and oxygen to decorate the largest block of three that make up the bulk of the facility and is occupied by the latest cranes and more than 10,000 people who work daily to transform rubble agora.

Of the ten facilities, the six largest are completely finished (Olympic Stadium, the Velodrome, Handball Arena, Basketball Arena, Aquatics Centre and International Broadcast Centre). Or so they say, because the 'protection' of the organization requires the human eye to notice it through snapshots. The interior is not yet set foot.

The originality and the speed was primed with the Velodrome (host the track cycling world in February), the basketball arena (capacity 12,000 spectators and opened last August) and the flag of handball (also to Pentathlon host modern). Special mention and Aquatic Centre colossal wave of 160 meters in length, built by the Iranian Zaha Hadid , who represents the movement of the sea. Inside, three swimming pools await the appearance of Phelps and Thorpe.

The cauldron is still no news, once again being the best kept secret. Meanwhile, the other jewel, the Olympic Stadium track, red and looks forward to that faster legs of history occupy the streets.


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