Friday, November 4, 2011

Messi: "This Madrid is stronger"

Real Madrid and Barcelona set the pace in Spain and Europe. In the league are the first two in the standings, while in Europe are the only two that have already qualified for next round Milan. The whites are making a stronger pace than last season at this point.

"Madrid has been strengthened along with the idea of ​​being better this season and have done so.'ve Grown since August and are stronger than last year. But we are with the reinforcements that we had," said Messi BRAND during the presentation of his new Adidas boots. Take about a month before the Classic, but that Leo is not worried: "There is still far away."

A Classic that will be marked by confrontation with Cristiano Ronaldo. A Leo does not like this comparison: "I do not think about it, do not compete against any player. I try to do the best for me and Barcelona to win titles. Do not look at another player."

Messi scoring slump spent a few days ago. He spent three games without scoring goals and there was criticism from some forums for the Argentine. Rosell said the intent was to harm the player. Leo takes it another way: "I do not know if they were to do harm, I do not care. I was always very quiet. What were only three games, no more! I saw that my companions were more concerned for themselves whether he was concerned, but really it was not. And if I wanted to hurt the criticism is not something that interests me. "

Yesterday appeared a few reports that claimed that Villa and Messi did not speak. According to Argentina, that's nothing: "The most important issue is that David and I know that is a lie. I'm not fought him, I have no problem with the gourd. Not with him or anyone's wardrobe. A of the keys to the success of this Barcelona is that the costumes have always been united. I do not know what happened between Guardiola and Ibrahimovic, but never had problems in the locker room, I had no problems with it. "

On Sunday, Barcelona will face Athletic Bilbao with Bielsa on the bench: "I never had as a coach, but I would have liked to have it. Is a person you admire him for everything he did in Argentina, Chile and now Bilbao. " Leo denied that he had challenged the staff to mark the third consecutive hat-trick.


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