Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marcellin, "We did very little to get the three points"

Marcelino gave good draw (0-0) against Mallorca at the Iberostar Stadium and admitted that his team "did little to get the three points." "We started the game well, dominating the opponent in their field, but it is true that without creating a scoring chance," said Marcelino.

"From minute 30, tied the game because the opponent is at the counter, we created danger but not very abundant. Also reached our goal on several occasions in the second half, but we in the final minutes, and that I'm satisfied with the result, not the worst of our game, "said Sevilla coach.

According to Marcelino to Sevilla in Palma "has played the ball, not football," and that "work hard, we had attitude, but safely above." "When we master the first part we should have scored, but we were not thoughtful," said Sevilla coach.


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