Friday, November 4, 2011

Ruben: "A Christian can stop it with a rope or hitting a shot"

The Osasuna central Ruben Gonzalez, former Real Madrid, has about Sunday's game at the Bernabeu that they will go "give everything" and will play their own game, regardless of the opponent, which is highlighted "very strong".

When asked about the statements of coach Jose Luis Mendilibar, which said that a draw would be good in Madrid, Ruben said: "If we go to the stadium and took a point, how good, is not it?".

"Let's see if we are going to sign now also 0-2. We're not negative minded or not to tie and take a bus. Let our arms. They spend a thousand things in a game and no other party ceases to be, beautiful, against a great team, but a football game, "he stated.

"Real Madrid is a good time. They are taking very good results, qualifying for the Champions League. They are in a very strong and emotionally as well, but what I'm going to find the Real Madrid. We're going to give everything and with our weapons, "Ruben said in a press conference in Tajonar.

The central Galicia has said that the danger can come from any player in the team of Jose Mourinho, as highlighted by "everyone has vision, quality and completion."

"In addition, the defense is super compact, starting with the goalkeeper. What are we to say about him? (For Iker Casillas). The danger is the block and the whole. If combined, can you Ñfíjate the liar!" He said.

When asked about how to stop players like Cristiano Ronaldo, has indicated that the key is the "concentration", but said: "How do you stop?. With a rope, hitting a shot. I do not know, we'll see at the time of the game. "

"You never know what can go. Maybe he has his day and you have a day of milk," he said.

Ruben has said that Real Madrid has "players who are above the rest" and said that the tactical need to get something positive in the Bernabéu.

"If you have not won one there ... We're not going to discover things. It is clear that knowing you have to go to do the job for two or three normal," he opined.

"These are difficult areas. We have the experience of the Camp Nou. Are teams you can go for whatever supermotivados and are very difficult to stop, but still concentrated close together and working our weapons we fight it," he added.


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