Friday, November 4, 2011

"If God does not please everyone, how am I going to get me?"

Cristiano Ronaldo has received his second Golden Boot as top scorer in Europe. During the award ceremony, held in Madrid, wanted to share credit with his colleagues from Real Madrid and left another of his phrases: "If God does not please everyone, how am I going to get me?". [This was Live was]

"They were all important and want to share my joy with them," he said. The Portuguese also dedicated Reconnaissance words his coach, the president of the bank and with the fans.

Costume of his fellow said: "It may be the best squad I've ever played. I think so, but we have to win. If you do not win, you're the best."

In his view the personal accolades are secondary. "They are beautiful, but the most important are the collective. Do not change the Golden Boot for any title," he said.

The path chosen by the addition of Jose Mourinho at the time is right, in his opinion. "We're better, more mature, confident, and believe that, step by step, we can do, to win something important for this club. Everyone in the club and we thought the same thing forward," he added.

The most emotional message was devoted to his countrymen. "It's a reward for all the Portuguese."

The Golden Shoe Portuguese striker credited as Europe's top goal scorer last season thanks to his 41 goals. "Messi is better to match the time than not. I like to compete. So can you tell who the best really," he said after collecting it.


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