Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thiago, a reinforcement of luxury for the sub 21

After passing the exam with flying is up to the senior team from the Under-21, Thiago Alcántara in all probability make the return trip this November. That is at least marked by technical plan of the Federation, it must be confirmed today when the list for the next two games of the Rojita.

There is no degradation. Almost the opposite. It happens that the under-21 play two official games 10 and 14 of this month. Two games against Estonia and Switzerland in which Milla played to keep the group lead in the race for the European. While the absolute two friendly dispute with England and Costa Rica as rivals.

The situation is ripe for Thiago, 20, to help lower his generation. And if we add that sub 21 has just lost one of its most creative players, such as channels. Milla was, moreover, who announced the leap to the Cantabrian Rojita both as the eldest son of Mazinho.

For the rest of the call for the under-21, there is little new about the citation last month. Muniain seem fixed, Joel, Koke, Bartra, Montoya, Planas, Rodrigo, Hugo Mallo, Oriol Romeu, Amat, Álvaro Vázquez, Isco, De Gea, Iñigo Martínez, Marino, Juan Carlos and Dani Pacheco.

Could recover Muniesa Milla, who missed the match through injury of Croatia, or even call Cuenca, but Barca did not give any grace makes many players who could shoot Guardiola to face the day 9 in the Copa del Rey Hospitalet. This problem does not occur in the absolute, which focuses on day 10.

The U-21 plays in Melilla to Estonia on 10 November (20.45) and four days later in Cordoba with Swiss rival, at 20:00. The RFEF gives utmost importance to these parties. So, Angel Maria Villar intends to be in the party of Melilla.


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