Thursday, November 3, 2011

Abel: "Reyes is not professional football"

That things are not going well with Jose Antonio Reyes with his coach is not a secret, but last night was not his present who remembered Mr. Seville, but his former coach, Abel Resino. He had harsh words against Utrera, who had his orders during his time as coach mattress.

Abel, who has fond memories of the midfielder said on ABC Radio: "I was criticized after I leave Atletico. Reyes is not a professional football. Atletico Madrid has no gal who deserve it" sentenced Toledo.

The former Atletico goalkeeper Nor does it overlook the role they must play the Manzanares team in this league and the game should draw their pupils Manzano: "The obligation of a coach is adapted to the characteristics of its workforce. The athlete should have dominion on all equipment other than Real Madrid and Barca. " He added, "Manzano is to endure and give you confidence, that team is Champions, fixed," he said.


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