Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shaquille passes "Kobe wanting to kill" to have the privileges of pampered LeBron James

O'Neal Shaquille's autobiography, which will be purchased in bookstores on November 15, is being filtered to strategically promote it (although some means such as 'Hoopsworld' already has a full copy).

The first thing the public was 'uncensored Shaq: My Story' were the confessions of Kobe Bryant Shaquille, his biggest enemy during their active years in the NBA: "I had to kill Kobe win."

His story of hate Kobe Bryant, his fight with Pat Riley and even his correspondence with Halle Barry have caused rivers of ink, and for the promotion of his book does not lose power on a leaked contents of the media players time, LeBron James.

Shaquille, who shared a dressing room with LeBron James on the Cavaliers from 2009 to 2010, writes in his autobiography that 'King' James was the darling of coach Mike Brown, and that he received preferential treatment from the coach.

"LeBron James was a big star, the level that I was in 2000 when the Lakers dominated the NBA . Our coach, Mike Brown, was a good guy, but had to learn to live on the edge so that no one had a confrontation with LeBron. Nobody wanted to leave Cleveland LeBron James, so he was allowed to do whatever he felt like it, "says 'Shaq' on the preferential treatment received by the star of the Heat now.

Shaquille gives the example of a video session in which you could see that LeBron did not go down after failing to defend a shot and in which Brown said nothing. Moving to the next Mo Williams played was that did the same and was reprimanded by the coach, causing anger and reaction of Delonte West, "wait!, Everyone must be accountable for their actions, not only some ", to which Mike Brown only answered," I know Delonte, I know ...".

Do not forget that Mike Brown is the replacement for Phil Jackson on the bench for the Lakers , something not lost on Shaquille acid: "I wonder if Kobe will listen to Mike Brown ... LeBron never did. This is what we can know: Kobe sure he'll be in charge. "


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