Sunday, December 25, 2011

Venus Williams will compete in the Australia Open

The American tennis player Venus Williams, winner of seven 'Grand Slam', will play the Australia Open, first of the year which begins on January 16, despite being dropped from the tournament in New Zealand for health reasons, as confirmed event director Craig Tiley.

The American, who is receiving treatment for Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease, dropped out of the tournament in Auckland, which takes place from 2 to 7 January, organizers announced at the beginning of this week.

However, Tiley said he had spoken with Williams's agent for availability. "At the moment there is no change. She comes," he said in a statement to the Australian media.

Because of his disease, which causes extreme fatigue and muscle pain, most of Williams was forced to Withdraw last September at the U.S. Open, the last 'big' of the season.

The five-time Wimbledon, which has since fallen to 102 of the WTA rankings, relies on up the ladder and expect to compete throughout the season. This Friday will play in an exhibition mixed doubles with her sister Serena in Florida to raise money for an organization that promotes youth education.

Sharapova doubtful for Australia Open

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova has been removed from the tournament in Brisbane, where he was to start the season with a sprained ankle, but hopes to be fully recovered in the face of Australia Open, the first 'Grand Slam' of the course, begins on 16 January.

"Unfortunately my ankle is not one hundred percent and I can not come this year. I was looking forward to the 2012 season in Brisbane, a tournament with a fantastic reputation for giving a warm welcome to players," said the exnúmero one of the world, would compete for the first time in the event.

The Siberian hopes to be recovered for the 'big' Australia, where he defeated in 2008. "I hope to be ready for the first Grand Slam of the year and am looking forward to the track," he said in a statement on the web.

Kaka recommends a giant challenge

Kaka has left Brazil holidays convinced that he and his team will win this season, despite the difficulty to be competing against Barcelona, ​​which does not hesitate to admit that is a challenge that will face.

If something has this player is that his faith guides him in both his personal and professional life, to overcome all obstacles that are presented. So it has been told Mourinho and his companions: "I have really wanted to win at Real Madrid and I am sure I will and win titles."

That personal strength to the group wanted to pass it by recommending a movie, one of his favorites, to overcome all adversities which may occur by the end of the season. This is a film, 'Challenge to the Giants', where it has the vicissitudes of a football team scramble to win a title.

Motivational messages
'never give up', 'never go back' and 'never lose faith, "are the three messages of motivation for moving the film and the discourse of Kaka. No matter how difficult the challenge, no matter how hard the blow and too distant to see the target, the player wants to see their national peers is impossible in life.

This attitude is showing the Brazilian is very important for a team that is on the right path, leading at the end of the year and confirming that you have overcome the stumbling block at the Bernabeu against Barcelona. It was a disappointment to many of his peers, an unexpected defeat, but there he was, to boost morale.

Yesterday confirmed his desire to return to being one of the best players in the world. "My goal is to win titles with Real Madrid. You can return to perform at a high level during the four or five years," he told the magazine Sport Band.

Barcelona does not scare you, but recognizes that it is a very powerful rival: "Barça is not an unbeatable team. We have already won in the final of the Copa del Rey. It is the best team I've faced. They carry many Messi playing together for years and is a good time, with much confidence. "

Cristiano Ronaldo praised, which he said: "It is a very complete player. It is different from Messi, but is more comprehensive in that it goes well with the left leg, right and upside down."

Soufian Messi admires more than anyone

"I admire a lot because you're fighting every day for your goals," Messi told Soufian, the boy with no legs to which the Argentinian star admired for its touching story and the Catalan regional television broadcast next January 2.

"I have a special connection with him," Messi said when asked by the son of Moroccan Spanish. Laurin-syndrome accompanying Sandrow 11 years since I was born in Barcelona. After the name is a rare genetic disorder that can unite the fingers on one nail, result in defects in the legs and lead to amputation of both, which is what happened to Soufian, according to information collected by the World.

Messi's first encounter with the child was at the beginning of this year doing the unthinkable, running the ball, which went back and forth between the world's most exalted left foot and prosthesis young admirer. But that meeting will be followed by others, including the May 15, when Barcelona was awarded the league trophy after a 0-0 draw with Deportivo.

"We brought them together in the locker room area and there is incredible that they embrace and puts you goose bumps," says Xavi Torres, TV3 reporter ensures that Messi is touched to the core with the history of Soufian.

"When he saw a documentary piece shone eyes, swallowed hard," said the reporter from TV3 chain, which featured a private screening and his family to Argentina before the premiere of the documentary.

The dedication of the goal
in those games Messi made ​​a promise to Soufian, to dedicate a goal. The child loves the idea, but the two can not think of what gesture do to make it clear that this was dedicated to the goal. Raise your arms to heaven, as it almost always makes the Argentine was not worth. Until Soufian tells Messi: "When I scored the goal, touch your legs." Said and done, the gesture came on 17 September in Messi's first goal during the 8-0 Osasuna.

Children between Messi and everything is simple and complex at the same time as the question at a time Soufian makes his mother, Ouafae: "Messi says surprises me, but how is possible, if you admire Messi am I ".

The Madrid, a favorite for the league and the top scorer, the club for the Cup and the Champions

The Christmas break is the time of analysis. With nearly half of the season contested, the bookies are a good barometer for assessing and measuring aspirations. Well, Madrid is the favorite to win the league, with an average of 1.80 per euro bet, while Barcelona is paid to 1.90, despite Barca's victory in the classical past.

Since Guardiola takes the bench for three seasons, is the first time that whites are favorites, a trend that continues from the Mou Team won the lead a few weeks ago. Neither the 1-3 of the 10-D has changed the confidence of bettors at Real Madrid. Of course, the distance has been shortened. Classic before and just after the victory over Atletico Madrid's defeat and Barca in Getafe, White League were paid 1.60 and Barca, to 2.40 euros.

The trajectory of Madrid in the league before the match against Barca has built an image of security around the white team that is spread betting houses, where they play with money, but money is not a game. The 10 consecutive victories Mestalla Madrid-including white-and awakening to the defeat at the Bernabeu against Barca 2-6 at Sevilla with that keep alive the strength to face Real Madrid win the league title.

Where there is less doubt is the top scorer. Cristiano, who walks at a speed goalscoring record favorite is Leo Messi. The 20 goals of Luso in just 16 days can be more than 17 of Messi. So, to repeat CR7 top scorer award is paid to 1.57 League. That is the Flea who will gain the front of the table has a listing capocannonieri € 2.25 per euro bet.

Barca 'leads' Cup and Champions
League If the domain is white, in Europe and the tournament is the predominant color KO Barca light of the prices that are managed in the bookmakers. Of course, both are the two favorites for the two competitions.

Starting with the Cup, where last Friday's draw threw up a potential and probable cross-quarter between Barcelona and Madrid. The Catalans are the leading candidates to take the KO competition, with a share of 2.50. Close behind Madrid, to 3.50. The umpire is the Athletic (10), benefited by the side of the table which is located Marcelo Bielsa's team. Valencia (11), Espanyol (17) and Seville (19) are as follows.

In Europe, also paints Barca. If Barca manages the fifth in Munich, bettors who prefer the Pep now see your bet multiplied by 2.60. The Tenth of Madrid goes up to 3.50. This means that also in the Champions League are the top two candidates. Behind are the host of the final, Bayern Munich (6) The Chelsea Villas-Boas (11), and tied, Milan, Inter and Arsenal (21).

To be the top scorer, no question. Messi is favoritísimo, thanks to the six goals he accumulated in the first phase. You pay only 1.66. Seconds the giant Mario Gomez, who also added six goals, with a share of 4.33. And complete the podium Christian, who has three goals, with 6 euros.

Christiano: "We must continue on this line"

Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to congratulate the parties to the fans and wished merengue Christmas with the rest of the staff, who would like to see next year is "full of successes for the Real Madrid."

After the rout at the Ponferradina Cup, the staff wanted to see the year out and express their wishes for 2012. The first of these was the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. "I wish you a Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and to continue in this line." "We want to achieve, among all the Real Madrid, the biggest hits in 2012," he said in remarks offered by the club's website.

Later, the Portuguese published in his Facebook profile a picture of himself on a beach and left a message to all his followers: "Hello everyone. I'm enjoying my vacation, but I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas."

Meanwhile, Pepe and Coentrao also joined the list of wishes for the coming year. "I wish good health and happy year to all Real Madrid in the world. We want to achieve greater success together," said the center. For his part, former Benfica was in the same direction. "That next year will bring many more successes," he said.

In addition, Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa, Albiol, Barn and Alley expressed his hope that the Real Madrid "enjoyment of good health" and "enjoyment of the family" as set out on dates, and expressed their request that the 2012 "comes loaded with hits for Real Madrid. thanks as always the support of all fans, "he added.

For its part, Higuain asked that they "respect the injury to keep working," as they are doing and to "give the Real Madrid all possible titles."

The rest of the staff in different groups differentiated by nationality, also praised his passion parties and loaded with good wishes. "I hope you pass all happy holidays and a prosperous new year," said Kaka, "I wish you a happy new year to all Real Madrid," said Marcelo.

Benzema also missed Varane Lass and the traditional Christmas message, like Sahin and Altintop and Jose Mourinho's assistants, who also extended their purposes all the Real Madrid. Karanka, Morais, Rui Faria and Silvino Louro wished "Merry Christmas and happy New Year."

Messi: "Someday I'll be world champion"

Leo Messi in an interview in the magazine of the AFA, said he is convinced that someday win a World Cup, "My dream is to become world champion and win the Copa America. This is what I need and I am sure I I will."

The 'Flea' also commented that "I do not feel beholden to anyone. I must not prove anything. I am one of the team and want the best for Argentine football. We are growing," he said.

The Barcelona, ​​yes, it does not compare to the Argentina team with Barcelona: "It's not worth comparing. Barça is the best team in the world, is the result of work of many years with the same classmates. Selection , however, has not achieved the results lately have wished. There were many technical and started from scratch, "said the 10 of Argentina.

"We know that Madrid want to sign Chivu"

Frank de Boer, head coach of Ajax Amsterdam, has revealed that Real Madrid are interested in hiring Christian Chivu, defense belonging to Inter Milan and ends his contract with the club at the end of this season.

"We know that Real Madrid also loves him, but we hope you choose to return to his former house," said Ajax coach in an interview published in La Gazzetta dello Sport. The Dutch club is also interested in the possibility to be strengthened with this defense, but De Boer said that Real Madrid has gone through in the negotiations.

Chivu is not in the plans of Claudio Ranieri, coach of Inter, and in the winter market could trade their way out before it becomes free, June 30.

Real Madrid still no date back to Ricardo Carvalho, which makes him look out for in the market about the possibility of signing a player who can strengthen the defense. Chivu can play center or left side.

Is a player who knows Mourinho, who had in his time at Inter and could get a good performance. The season is entering its decisive phase and it is possible no reinforcement in this position. Right now Carvalho is injured and Sergio Ramos finished the year with a torn muscle. It is proof that if complications arise in the rear would not have enough troops.
In fact, in the Primera Liga club have been monitoring Mário Fernandes, right side of the Guild.

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