Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Madrid, a favorite for the league and the top scorer, the club for the Cup and the Champions

The Christmas break is the time of analysis. With nearly half of the season contested, the bookies are a good barometer for assessing and measuring aspirations. Well, Madrid is the favorite to win the league, with an average of 1.80 per euro bet, while Barcelona is paid to 1.90, despite Barca's victory in the classical past.

Since Guardiola takes the bench for three seasons, is the first time that whites are favorites, a trend that continues from the Mou Team won the lead a few weeks ago. Neither the 1-3 of the 10-D has changed the confidence of bettors at Real Madrid. Of course, the distance has been shortened. Classic before and just after the victory over Atletico Madrid's defeat and Barca in Getafe, White League were paid 1.60 and Barca, to 2.40 euros.

The trajectory of Madrid in the league before the match against Barca has built an image of security around the white team that is spread betting houses, where they play with money, but money is not a game. The 10 consecutive victories Mestalla Madrid-including white-and awakening to the defeat at the Bernabeu against Barca 2-6 at Sevilla with that keep alive the strength to face Real Madrid win the league title.

Where there is less doubt is the top scorer. Cristiano, who walks at a speed goalscoring record favorite is Leo Messi. The 20 goals of Luso in just 16 days can be more than 17 of Messi. So, to repeat CR7 top scorer award is paid to 1.57 League. That is the Flea who will gain the front of the table has a listing capocannonieri € 2.25 per euro bet.

Barca 'leads' Cup and Champions
League If the domain is white, in Europe and the tournament is the predominant color KO Barca light of the prices that are managed in the bookmakers. Of course, both are the two favorites for the two competitions.

Starting with the Cup, where last Friday's draw threw up a potential and probable cross-quarter between Barcelona and Madrid. The Catalans are the leading candidates to take the KO competition, with a share of 2.50. Close behind Madrid, to 3.50. The umpire is the Athletic (10), benefited by the side of the table which is located Marcelo Bielsa's team. Valencia (11), Espanyol (17) and Seville (19) are as follows.

In Europe, also paints Barca. If Barca manages the fifth in Munich, bettors who prefer the Pep now see your bet multiplied by 2.60. The Tenth of Madrid goes up to 3.50. This means that also in the Champions League are the top two candidates. Behind are the host of the final, Bayern Munich (6) The Chelsea Villas-Boas (11), and tied, Milan, Inter and Arsenal (21).

To be the top scorer, no question. Messi is favoritísimo, thanks to the six goals he accumulated in the first phase. You pay only 1.66. Seconds the giant Mario Gomez, who also added six goals, with a share of 4.33. And complete the podium Christian, who has three goals, with 6 euros.


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