Sunday, December 25, 2011

Soufian Messi admires more than anyone

"I admire a lot because you're fighting every day for your goals," Messi told Soufian, the boy with no legs to which the Argentinian star admired for its touching story and the Catalan regional television broadcast next January 2.

"I have a special connection with him," Messi said when asked by the son of Moroccan Spanish. Laurin-syndrome accompanying Sandrow 11 years since I was born in Barcelona. After the name is a rare genetic disorder that can unite the fingers on one nail, result in defects in the legs and lead to amputation of both, which is what happened to Soufian, according to information collected by the World.

Messi's first encounter with the child was at the beginning of this year doing the unthinkable, running the ball, which went back and forth between the world's most exalted left foot and prosthesis young admirer. But that meeting will be followed by others, including the May 15, when Barcelona was awarded the league trophy after a 0-0 draw with Deportivo.

"We brought them together in the locker room area and there is incredible that they embrace and puts you goose bumps," says Xavi Torres, TV3 reporter ensures that Messi is touched to the core with the history of Soufian.

"When he saw a documentary piece shone eyes, swallowed hard," said the reporter from TV3 chain, which featured a private screening and his family to Argentina before the premiere of the documentary.

The dedication of the goal
in those games Messi made ​​a promise to Soufian, to dedicate a goal. The child loves the idea, but the two can not think of what gesture do to make it clear that this was dedicated to the goal. Raise your arms to heaven, as it almost always makes the Argentine was not worth. Until Soufian tells Messi: "When I scored the goal, touch your legs." Said and done, the gesture came on 17 September in Messi's first goal during the 8-0 Osasuna.

Children between Messi and everything is simple and complex at the same time as the question at a time Soufian makes his mother, Ouafae: "Messi says surprises me, but how is possible, if you admire Messi am I ".


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