Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The return of Cain Velasquez and his new challenge Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva

On 26 May, will the return of Cain Velasquez, a fighter of Mexican descent, former heavyweight champion, who was dethroned by the reigning Junior Dos Santos suddenly and unexpectedly for many.

Cain Velasquez is a well-rounded fighter, is based on wrestling, and great handling of kickboxing, has an excellent fitness, allowing you to maintain a high level of intensity throughout their matches.

Velasquez goes well the beating with the takedowns, and once he takes his opponents flush with canvas, is brutal to the ground and pound, so it has most of his wins via TKO, likes to get into position crucifix or put the knee in the stomach of his opponent and download a high volume of punches.

When he won the title, Cain defeated Brock by TKO at Lensnar 4minutos twelve seconds of the first assault, with that victory would put his record to 9 wins without defeat.

But that fight had great consequences for Cain, had a major shoulder injury that sidelined him for over a year, that idle along with the media pressure, in my opinion had an unfavorable effect on the performance of his first defense.

I had the opportunity to meet personally Cain has done seminars in my school and I've interviewed several times, I think it's a very simple and has worked hard to get where he has come. The opinion gave me when I interviewed him in Anaheim, a day before his fight with Dos Santos, Cain was a nervous, overwhelmed by the media, to carry the weight of being the next big Latino figure.

I think that, coupled with the lack of activity in the octagon will weight a lot, and as mentioned on previous occasions, a blow from a heavyweight, 4-ounce gloves, you can finish any fighter in the division of the whole in the blink of an eye.

On that occasion Dos Santos connected a powerful achievement flown above the ear, which he knocked Cain, later followed him to the floor with good instincts and not let it recover. Although Cain lost the title and undefeated, is undeniably great a champion you have, and I think Cain can return to recover eventually, but first he must pass a big test against Antonio Silva.La key to this fight will be held in a safe distance and out with his hit, to exploit their greater speed and at the right time, break down and make your specialty, overwhelmed with a large number of hits on the floor his opponent and look for the TKO.

Meanwhile Antonio Silva is a very dangerous fighter, but I came off a loss against a training partner of Cain, Daniel Cormier in Strikeforce. Antonio Silva came before the fight of a run of 3 wins, counted among his opponents to former UFC champion, Andrei Arlovski and legend and who was long considered the best heavyweight on the planet, Fedor Emeilianenko.

Antonio Silva looked impressive against Fedor fought well and standing on the floor, this black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu, took a chair control positions, and managed to finish the fight via TKO.

It will be interesting to see in this great card of UFC 146, if Cain can impose its speed scrimmage, his takedowns and ground and pound or will be Antonio "Big Foot" Silva who is positioned as a new figure in the UFC heavyweight.

The UFC 147: Silva vs Belfort II will be in Minas Gerais, Brazil and Sao Paulo

Minas Gerais is the second state in Brazil to receive a UFC event. On June 23, the "Mineirinho" arena of Belo Horizonte, will the UFC147 in what will be the third visit of UFC to Brazil under the tutelage of Zuffa.

Established as one of the largest and most comprehensive sands of the country, "Mineirinho" meets all the requirements of UFC, making it the ideal place to host an event with the quality standards required by Zuffa.

Considered one of the largest markets in the world of UFC, with the United States and Canada, Brazil has already hosted two events in Rio de Janeiro.

"It's perfect for our fans and the UFC to expand our offices in Brazil. The UFC is exploring the territory and Minas Gerais is the third largest state in the country. Not only is it a matter of having the Mineirinho, this city also hosts a large number of official events and is located in a central area and the country's tourism. This will be a fantastic experience for the fans, "said Marshall Zelaznik, director of international expansion.

 The New Kids leads the UFC 147

The end of the first Brazilian edition ñ to the reality show The Ultimate Fighte r main attraction brings the rematch between coaches of TUF, Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva, who already met once in the octagon for 14 to ñ you.

The event will also serve to crown the TUF champions Brazil, where it is dealt two UFC contracts.

Fans will have the opportunity to observe the long-awaited rematch between Vitor Belfort (21-9-0) and Wanderlei Silva (01/11/34), who found the second time since his first appointment in 1998.

At the time in Sao Paulo during the previous administration of the UFC, Vitor knocked out Wanderlei Silva in 44 seconds. Since then, fanácticos of MMA has asked for a rematch.

 Belfort comes fresh after his victory over Anthony Johnson at UFC 142, Silva knocked out while Cung Le in the UFC 139.

Finalists in each division presented in the show, which will have its final episode on Sunday before the event, will meet at the main card. The two winners, a featherweight and a medium to receive contracts with the largest MMA promotion in the world.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cotto raised $ 94 million in PPV

LAS VEGAS - The last bout May 5 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto, raised $ 94 million in Pay Per View, as reported by HBO Sports.

The "Kings of the Ring" was signed by 1.5 million households, however, Richard Sheffer, Golden Boy Promotions, said the figure could rise in coming days.

Mayweather-Cotto came in second and bought the biggest fight this battle without heavyweight, behind only Mayweather. De La Hoya, which earned $ 137 million.

"Money" has earned the nickname the hard way, in nine performances has generated 9.6 million sales, making a total of $ 563 million in PPV.

In addition, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said Mayweather-Cotto was the ninth biggest gain in entries, generated $ 12, 000, 150 million, sold 14, 612 tickets.

Seeks rival Juan Manuel Marquez

MEXICO - The interim champion super lightweight World Boxing Association, Juan Manuel Marquez, seeks rival for the month of July at the Cowboy Stadium, Arlington, Texas.

Marquez looks for the fourth lawsuit against Manny Pacquiao, but first wants to have a bout of preparation, there are several names in the table, Marquez has until next week to decide.

"What we want now is a rival, preferably left-handed, for that would be critical because the is Pacquiao," said Ignacio Beristain the newspaper La Jornada.

In addition to seeking a boxer with left guard, they want someone to be blockbuster, so that finding a boxer with both characteristics is complicated.

Possible opponents include: Brandon Rios, Zab Judah, Mercito Gesta and Erik "Terrible" Morales.

The problem with Rios is their lack of commitment in his last two fights has not given the weight Gesta and Judah are not economically profitable, Morales would be a good option, the problem would be economic.

Brian Viloria defeated Omar Nino and retained the WBO flyweight title

PHILIPPINES - Brian Viloria (31-3, 18 KOs) retained the world title fly World Boxing Organization by knocking out Mexican Omar Nino Romero (02/05/31, 13 KOs) in nine episodes in the Sports Arena in Manila Philippines.

Viloria was finally able to take revenge of the Child, whom he had met twice, lost the first and the second was declared no contest because the Mexican tested positive for doping.

This time things were different, Brian dominated from start to finish to Mexico, he went out with a cut left eye in the fifth roll.

In the ninth assault, Viloria ended his work, I connect a right and topped with a powerful left hook to the face for cimbrar every bone in Mexico, which made the corner of the visitor climb into the ring and stopped the fight.

Serena Williams is crowned in Madrid

Serena Williams is back? Only time will tell. What is clear is that keeps winning. The U.S. proclaimed champion of the Mutua Madrid Open after defeating the final against Victoria Azarenka in two rounds. This is the second title of the season for the smallest of the Williams. Interestingly, the second on clay. After winning the green clay of Charleston, also shows his authority over the controversial Blue Magic Box.

Serena Williams raises his fist to the sunny skies of Madrid. You just won the final against Victoria Azarenka , current world No. 1, by an aggregate score of 6-1, 6-3 in one hour and four minutes in a clash played at the stadium Manolo Santana. The start of game was delayed because Serena asked the umpire to leave the locker room to change his undershirt. She was willing to put pressure from the start. What she described as "a skating rink" in the days before he became a veritable minefield for Azarenka who did not see coming missiles that came from the other side. The break of the U.S. warned in the opening game little battle. There was none. The Belarusian barely make 15 points in the first act, which gave up to three times its service, giving the sleeve with a double fault.

The second set started and ended the first, with a stunning Serena reminded that player who intimidated opponents on the track. Solid service, impressive with his right and decisive in the important moments of each game, soon to open gap on the scoreboard. Even the small crowd that filled the stands began to savor the intensity that requires a Premier Mandatory end like this. Serena authoritatively resolved the clash with a direct kick and added the title number 41 in his career, fifth on clay, the first in Madrid and the second of the season. Only time will tell if he can aspire to greater heights, but so far has shown that resources still to be there. Meanwhile, Azarenka fell for the second consecutive year and will have decisive duel to settle for keeping the reign of the WTA, which seems to have settled throne in front of the Maria Sharapova , Agnieszka Radwanska , Petra Kvitova or Samantha Stosur who were staying in the road.

From Madrid to Heaven Blue

Roger Federer became champion of the Mutua Madrid Open 2012 after defeating the final three sets to Tomas Berdych, a victory that allowed the Swiss match the record of 20 Masters 1000 Rafael Nadal of relieving at number 2 in the classification ATP. This is the title number 74 in his career and the fourth in a season and won in Rotterdam, Dubai and Indian Wells.

He was the player who best adapted to the circumstances. Neither good nor bad, there was. He went from room to encourage debate in press and devoted himself to play. Only way to explain the victory of Roger Federer on Tomas Berdych at the Madrid final by an aggregate score of 3-6, 7-5 and 7-5 after two hours and thirty-seven minutes in a clash played at the stadium Manolo Santana. Berdych knew his options in the final jump without passing through the track complex. The favorites it was his rival and he had to look at just how well he had done all week. That confidence was what led him to be the first to break the serve of his opponent in the second game of the stake, thanks to two direct-remains the last with a two-handed backhand cross-house brand. Thomas closed his fist in the open gap in the score (3-0), knowing how expensive it sells its service. However, the Czech is the second player gets the most points this season with his first serve just behind the gunboat Milos Raonic . Did not yield even one meter in track. He moved gingerly on the slippery mat and honed his peephole with a pounding right that prevented Federer's reaction. Federer saved two balls set (15-40) with their service, but could not prevent the button up the first set czech below.

Federer took off alarms when requested medical assistance in the exchange. It was a short talk and jumped to the mat to try a comeback. Graduate it soon, then took the first option to break in their favor in the party to sign the break at the start of the second act. Federer took confidence and improved his numbers; Berdych began to fail him before and give the Swiss got free points. Everyone pointed to the third set at 5-4 and 40-30 (set point) for Federer when the Swiss smashed his volley into the net. Berdych took the opportunity to get back into the game, turn to it and put the balance back on the scoreboard. Even Will Smith , one of the most famous faces in the VIP box, seemed surprised by the level of tennis was slowly increasing. And when everyone suspected that might happen in the tie-break, Swiss lace came to rest. The Czech double-faulted, his first in the party, but end up bringing the party to the third set.

Tennis is round. By way of example the opening game of the third set where Federer had to save a 15-40 that could have altered the development of the party. The Basel solved the momentol of trouble and led the party to the psychological side, as is known than his rival. Perhaps he remembered some of the defeats of the past, in the 2004 Olympics or Wimbledon 2010, defeats which he confessed at a press conference he did much damage. The balance was not broken until the end of the game rush. Two consecutive double faults gave Berdych a new break to Federer in the eighth game (5-3), which failed again when closing the game with their service. And everyone noticed the final tie-break when Roger enjoyed a 0-40 to close the match. He missed the first three. Not the fourth, with which he could savor the sweetness of glory. Arms in the air and look at the sky. Forged hard-earned victory, suffered from the silence and talent.

Tipsarevic Federer overwhelms and seek their third title in Madrid

Roger Federer has overwhelmed the Serbian Janko Tipsarevic (2-6, 3-6) to seal his move to the finals of the Mutua Madrid Open, fourth Masters 1000 of the season, which will face Czech Tomas Berdych made his third Madrid title (2006 and 2009) which is also the last step of the Swiss in his quest for world number two.

Federer had no problems before a Tipsarevic who tried but could not cope with Basel, although the day before was the best player in the waste currently Djkovic Novak. Federer seems to be uncomfortable in the blue track of the Magic Box and is one victory to oust Rafa Nadal's number two in the ATP, in addition to equal the record of 20 Masters 1000 of Manacor.

Serbian tennis player began facing down, demonstrating that holds quality and also is one of those players able to move fast on the track, taking out his racket in any strange position. However, the Serbian defense not worried the Swiss. Federer looked the reverse of his opponent and finally came forward making the break in the fourth game (1-3).

The set stood face to a Roger Federer ready to make another final, the fifth in Madrid, possibly on the fast track. With the deployment usual Swiss Tipsarevic had no choice and could only add one more game than his rival ended up clinching the first set (2-6). Federer's hunger was stronger than the faith of Serbia, which had left everything on the blue track yesterday to fellow 'Nole'.

Then followed Federer Janko complicating life. The Serb ran from one side to another and the Swiss just wore out. The precise impact of Federer again given a 'break' tempranero who put their way downhill appointment with Berdych on Sunday. Already 2-4, Tipsarevic was recovered near the break but the Swiss was redone to not give anything away.

Thus, very safe with his serve, Federer arrived at 5-3 with her serve and all in favor to take a pass at one of the surprises of the tournament, the executioner in the quarterfinals of the world number one. Tipsarevic's magic ran out and could not with a player who wants to fatten his legend. This time there were no surprises and the 6-3 in the second act, Federer signed his ticket to the final on Sunday.

Nadal: "Madrid is past, now I think of Rome and Roland Garros"

The Spanish Rafael Nadal, third racket in the world, said that "Madrid is past" and now think of "Rome and Roland Garros", which would settle the controversy over land Blue Magic Box.

"The Blue Earth is the past and I've said all I had to say," he said at a press conference prior to its debut at the Rome Masters 1000 tennis Manacor, who was reluctant to talk about what happened in Madrid tournament and concluded that it had simply played "wrong and not to the level needed to win."

Congratulated Nadal Roger Federer on his victory and praised him saying that "probably the best player ever," while noting that their ability to adapt to local conditions of Madrid was higher than others.

Nadal shrugged off his back to the third step of the ATP rankings for Federer ahead of Roland Garros, which takes place in two weeks.

"Coming to Roland Garros with the number two or number three is not going to change my goal which is winning," said Nadal, who noted that in any case will play against the best in the world.

He felt that was a good start to the season and his third place position in the ranking is the "right".

A classification attributed, in large part to recent results reported in the Australia Open, when he lost in the final against Novak Djokovic, his retreat in the semifinals of the Miami tournament with an injured left knee, and his mark on Madrid, a tournament that traditionally it was "favorable."

Nadal insisted he now wants to concentrate on Rome, one of the tournaments he likes and which has always had good "feelings" as well as in his first rival, Germany's Florian Mayer, who will face in the second round.

The manacorense reminded that this is a tough tournament and said he hopes to play like Monte Carlo or Barcelona, ​​was convinced that if he can play his best tennis can get "good results" and said he was "excited and motivated" before the appointment.

On its current state, said she sat while the two days' rest was taken after removal of Madrid, who went with his family doing things you enjoy like fishing and swimming, with a "fantastic time" in which could also see his sister, who now lives in Barcelona.

After her bad experience on earth Blue Magic Box, said he has had time to readjust to the traditional clay, as it has been able to make three training sessions, one in Mallorca and the last two in Rome although today was hampered by strong wind.

London 2012
When asked about upcoming events such as Wimbledon and the Olympic Games in London, Manacor, which under his belt already has an Olympic gold medal, said that there are two important goals and can not decide between the two.

He stressed, however, that the Olympics is held every four years and therefore is a special day for any athlete, since you can play two or at most three editions in his career.

Calm in the Lakers despite the overwhelming 119-90: "Be patient"

Despite the heavy defeat by 119-90 in the first game of the semifinal anet western Oklahoma, the alarm is not triggered on the Lakers and has sent a message of relative calm with an idea: if you win the next game though either by one point, he will have equaled the tie and have the same value as the victory by 29 points in Oklahoma.

"I've been in this situation before. In this and the other side of the equation and experience tells me there have to be patient," said Kobe Bryant after the hefty defeat. "We have to study what happened and do the job better in the next game."

World Peace Metta said that in his opinion, the Lakers had "played well" and Andrew Bynum also wanted to put the situation into perspective: "We've lost so dramatically before. Now we have to analyze how we have killed and correct it."

In this line Pau Gasol made it clear that the defense should be improved: "In any of the ways we can fit almost 40 points in fourth and hope we can win the game. We have to make a greater effort in defense, trying to stop them and make our game. "

Oklahoma crushes the Lakers by 29 points and went on to win by 35

He could not start better for the Oklahoma City Thunder tie the Western Conference semifinals by beating beating the Los Angeles Lakers 119-90 in the first game of the series best of seven competing.

Again the combination of Russell Westbrook basis and forward Kevin Durant was devastating in the game by imposing offensive from the first quarter of its effectiveness and success that broke the defense of the Lakers, who were always tired and equipment resources to stop them.

Westbrook contributed 27 points, nine assists, seven rebounds and two steals, that got rid of the Ramon Sessions basis of the Lakers, in the duel between the two.

If Westbrook was responsible for leading a fast attack devilish actions of Thunder, Durant supported him with shots and 25 points, eight rebounds and four assists, which also made it evident to guard Lakers star, Kobe Bryant, who could not stand too much of the poor level of play that showed his team.

Along with Westbrook and Durant, once again, came the sixth best player in the league, reserve guard James Harden, who completely ignored the provocations dialectical forward Metta World Peace made before the game, and gave a lesson in professionalism and basketball in the field.

His 17 points were used for the Thunder reserves contributed 50 points for just 26 which succeeded those of the Lakers, who headed the only marker to start the game.

Then the Thunder became the masters of the game in all facets of the game and went into the break with the partial advantage of 15 points (59-44), which increased in the third quarter with a 15-2 spurt that left sentenced party and they left the room that were playing for the reserves.

The third period was a real display of Thunder with his triple and mates to the delight of fans of the Oklahoma City team, which was superior in all aspects of the game, but especially in terms of physical strength.

While the Thunder had a week without playing to have swept (4-0) the tie of the quarter-finals against the Dallas Mavericks, the Lakers had to define their place in the semifinals after winning so agonizing in Game Seven to the Denver Nuggets.

The Thunder came to have up to 35 point lead, gave a lesson the Lakers basketball, cleanly and without any unsportsmanlike actions as they had to undergo three weeks earlier in the game of the regular season left when World Peace Harden shocked.

The downside for the Thunder was that the pivot Kendrick Perkins aggravated a hip injury suffered from the series against the Mavericks.

While the Spanish power forward Serge Ibaka-Congolese met with six points in 20 minutes played, scoring May 3 field goals, grabbed four rebounds, recovered a ball and put a stopper.

The Thunder, who dominated all facets of the game, less rebounds, 41-43 for the Lakers, only had four turnovers for 15 of the Lakers.

Bryant scored 20 points, but never was a factor or had role in attacking play of the Lakers, and in fact only had 18 shots and scored seven in addition to capturing three rebounds and two assists spread far from the great individual performance Durant starred.

The center Andrew Bynum was the one who was present in the game under the basket to get a double-double of 20 points, 14 rebounds and a plug.

World Peace scored 12 points and the Spanish power forward Pau Gasol this time either factor could not be won by staying with 10 points and seven rebounds in 30 minutes he played.

Gasol scored 5 of 11 shots from the field, did not go to the line staff and an assist.

The second game of the series will be played on Wednesday at the same stage of Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City.

Explosion in the box of Williams

When the Williams team in the box held all out victory of Pastor Maldonado at the Grand Prix of Spain an explosion interrupted the party and caused a major fire where several mechanics were injured but none seriously.

About forty people were inside the box of Williams among those who were Pastor Maldonado and Frank Williams. It appears that the explosion originated in the rear of the garage where there are fuel, lubricants and caused a great smoke.

The mechanical action of the neighboring teams, Force India and Caterham was crucial to avoid greater evils. They came with all they could and took extiontores all gasoline cans of 50 liters out of the reach of the flames to prevent a tragedy before firefighters arrived.

Moments later, firefighters went to extinguish the fire and evacuated the area. Finally, the balance was 16 wounded. A mechanic was taken to the Hospital Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona consideration burns and five others were evacuated for smoke inhalation. The other injured were treated on the same circuit and were discharged.

Maldonado wins a pulse formidable Alonso

Pastor Maldonado has not missed the first opportunity of his career to win a grand prize. The 27 year old Venezuelan GP2 champion in 2010 recognized BRAND carrying two years without a fight to win, but that was not going to shake the pulse fighting with Fernando Alonso. And he did. Achieved its first victory and first of its country in Formula 1 so also very worthwhile, enduring the onslaught of a double world champion Fernando achieved as, in turn, an excellent second place aupa you back to the leadership of World equated with Sebastian Vettel, who finished sixth.

The formidable duel remained both drivers have lasted the 66 lap race from the exit where the Spanish beat him, although he cornered Pastor to the edge of asphalt, to the last breath, never separated by more than seven seconds and most of the turns separated by two or less. With their victory and are five different winners, and five different cars in the first five races for the first time in history.

The first race stint was for Fernando, shoes both on the soft tires mandatory. 1, barely lasted two and fly to change the harsh Fernando held his first position, distancing himself even from his pursuer up to 3.1 seconds. But it was a mirage. The speed of Williams in the race, his strong this season, and knowledge of the circuit Shepherd, allowed him to cut the gap to just one second, when it came to stop riding his second game hard.

Fernando preferred to remain on track and lost crucial seconds hampered by Charles Pic (Marussia) that lingered despite being a folded, costing him out after Pastor Fernando to make his stop. Since then, Venezuela came up with clean air and came to stay ahead of Fernando in 7.5 seconds, at which point the Ferrari returned to grit your teeth to cut the gap to 4.2 rolling on lap 40. Behind the Lotus could not with the frenzied pace that had the two protagonists of the weekend. Only Hamilton, in a superb comeback that put him eighth, gave a similar show.

The decision was to take place at the last stop in which Shepherd was the last shock of the race after suffering a stoppage that cost him 2 seconds on lap 41. Fernando stopped three looking after their final game of hard to have more life to the end of the race, but the Pastor was also new.

Alonso had a superb end arreón, taking advantage of Raikkonen made an unexpected plug to Maracay and slit all benefit until it is reduced to second on Lap 49. It was a new race to 15 laps, Fernando was much faster in the first section of his last game, but the strength of his revamped Ferrari came to 0.8 seconds, could never put him in nose or threatening to happen. Shepherd drove impeccably, never got nervous and Ferdinand soon saw him, raised his foot in the last five laps because the result is still a treasure that leaves intact the options world title.

Ferrari gives a slap on Massa

Ferrari Felipe Massa believes that he was "very unfortunate" in the Grand Prix of Spain, where he was in fifteenth position, and expected to improve their performance on the Monaco Grand Prix to be held next week. "In Montmelò Felipe was very unlucky, both in competition and in training, but all the first-he-expect a change from the Monaco Grand Prix," says the text.

In a statement posted on its website, the Maranello reviews the position of its pilots in the current Formula 1 world championship, in which Fernando Alonso shares first place with Sebastian Vettel, with 61 points while Massa situated in the seventeenth position with 2 points.

Those responsible for poor performance contrasted Ferrari of Massa with good performance Spaniard, who "has always maintained a high level, while the decline is felt Philip."

The Brazilian has stated on numerous blog entries in your desire to trace their positions during the season, but so far no luck has followed him and failed to give the best of himself.

The state of the World
From the Italian team also discussed the current state of Formula 1 World: "Just very little to change the balance of power on the track and this rule is even more true when the differences are a few tenths or hundredths."

"This year will win who carry the track get the best technical adjustments in the shortest possible time", say the makers of Ferrari, who admit that in the 2012 season "there are many teams that have been shown to fight for the top positions" .

"Without obsession, the Tenth come"

Jose Mourinho is already thinking about the future. The coach of Real Madrid stayed discreetly in the background during the visit of Real Madrid for institutions to offer the people of Madrid the 32 th League white, but slipped to the media two clear messages: the tenth will come "without obsessions" and club and the future plans.

Mourinho was one of the most acclaimed actors in the institutional tour of champions league. While declining to speak publicly, did so for televsiones covering acts. He expressed confidence in achieving the Champions League with Madrid "within a year or in two."

"I am a lucky, despite losing some won semifinal two. Some of these kids have never achieved and the Real Madrid looks for the tenth. Without obsession, quietly, if they do things as we are doing after two semi-finals come the next year or two.'s obsession does not help and sleep. "

"At this point, I think of the future, it is time to end the celebrations. The finish today, players think of the Euro and I'll get to work and think about next season because Real Madrid will not let you sleep in the conquered . You have to think ahead, "he said.

In addition, re-emphasized Mou merit a league full of records to the story: "They are incredible numbers. If before you had told me we would win with 90 points and 80 goals, had signed. In the end we won with historical numbers have been broken every record imaginable. Real Madrid has a great story but these guys are going to be remembered as the 100 points, "he said.

They start rumors: Falcao for Torres?

Chelsea goes for Radamel Falcao and is willing to include in the transaction to Fernando Torres. At least according TeleMadrid, who reported that the English club offer from Madrid striker plus 15 million for the 'Tigre'.

Both the output direction Falcao England around the Calderon Torres are two rumors that have been echoed in the media in recent months. Atletico could be forced to sell to Colombia after failing to get into Champions, as recognized by Miguel Angel Gil Marin last week.

Real Madrid imposes the strength of the group

Real Madrid has become the best champion of all time. Has outdone himself and the best record of Barcelona Guardiola. While Messi and Valdés have reaped the individual title of the League, the team led by Jose Mourinho has triumphed by the force of a group worthy of sign in the Guinness Book.

Of all the great standard white campus has been a Cristiano Ronaldo who has achieved spectacular numbers. Messi has not been able to hand in their particular hand, but his 46 goals a year confirmed him as a striker that has driven spectacular Real Madrid to the 121 goals in 38 games.

Messi did not score against Betis but kept its distance from the Portuguese. If Christian last season put the mark in a record layer, the crack now puts Barca in 50 goals. The figure may be repeated.

Practically most of the Brand Trophies were determined on the last day. Victor Valdes Zamora had secured the prize for a conference. Iker Casillas and Courtois ecudan him on the podium of the best goalkeepers of the course.

In Miguel Muñoz Trophy won for the second consecutive Jose Mourinho, whose achievements left behind Pep Guardiola's work or Juan Ignacio Martinez.

The national top scorer award with Soldier took him 17 goals, while the best collegiate was Carlos Delgado Ferreiro, Basque school referee, who beat Fernando Teixeira Vitienes.

Del Bosque: "On 27 Villa will decide whether the Euro"

Vicente del Bosque gave the first squad ahead of the Euro in Poland and Ukraine and assured that "on 27 decide whether David Villa will be on the list. That day make a final decision. She is recovering from his injury and of course can come to the Euro in Poland and Ukraine. We'll know later. "

"We know how it is every day, how your recovery process. Are optimistic. It is a singular case. On May 27 we will take a final decision. Yet are Barcelona players, Athletic and Chelsea, because they are in competition. It is the same case of David Villa, "he said.

The national coach said he did not call players from Barcelona, ​​Athletic and Chelsea because they have not finished the season in Cup final and final of the Champions League. "There is no player of Barça and Athletic because they lsland Cup final. From cheea not the Champions League final," he acknowledged.

"Before giving the final list next May 27 will decide which players not with us for Euro 20,112," said a Vicente del Bosque also had words on two of the developments in this squad. "Beñat Isco and two future events for selection. Are with us. Isco has had a great season in Malaga."

"There will be a preseason, but an extension to the season,"
"Our concern now is to choose the best. course we have concerns about whether there may be a setback in the emotion of the players. We want to get in top condition. not going to do a pre-season to the Championship. be an extension of the season that has been disputed. hope to make a good competition, "said Del Bosque.

When asked about their preferences when facing the last few weeks ahead of the Euro in Poland and Ukraine, the Spanish coach acknowledged that "our obligation is to adapt to the circumstances and reaching optimum conditions for the Euro. If I'll be present in the final of Copa del Rey? not think that's important because we will be there anyway. "

About the Benfica player, Javi Garcia, the coach said that "almost every Monday I care to see players who are overseas. Those who play well with the prize to come. This is the case of Javi Garcia."

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