Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Without obsession, the Tenth come"

Jose Mourinho is already thinking about the future. The coach of Real Madrid stayed discreetly in the background during the visit of Real Madrid for institutions to offer the people of Madrid the 32 th League white, but slipped to the media two clear messages: the tenth will come "without obsessions" and club and the future plans.

Mourinho was one of the most acclaimed actors in the institutional tour of champions league. While declining to speak publicly, did so for televsiones covering acts. He expressed confidence in achieving the Champions League with Madrid "within a year or in two."

"I am a lucky, despite losing some won semifinal two. Some of these kids have never achieved and the Real Madrid looks for the tenth. Without obsession, quietly, if they do things as we are doing after two semi-finals come the next year or two.'s obsession does not help and sleep. "

"At this point, I think of the future, it is time to end the celebrations. The finish today, players think of the Euro and I'll get to work and think about next season because Real Madrid will not let you sleep in the conquered . You have to think ahead, "he said.

In addition, re-emphasized Mou merit a league full of records to the story: "They are incredible numbers. If before you had told me we would win with 90 points and 80 goals, had signed. In the end we won with historical numbers have been broken every record imaginable. Real Madrid has a great story but these guys are going to be remembered as the 100 points, "he said.


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