Friday, November 11, 2011

Argentina again be in evidence

The fans returned to Argentina get its monumental anger because of his selection, he wants too and it does not. Argentina again disappointed after failing to pass the draw against Bolivia in South America's tail, and did so in Buenos Aires, where it hurts. Argentina is sad and the mirror of the soul of a country is Messi's face, who smiles like when you saw the Barca boys and play surrounded by small people.

Leo, captain and symbol of Argentina, is not happy. Neither was against Bolivia. He's face is not hidden, but it was insufficient. No accompanying Argentina, a selection that changes too unbalanced mind. This Friday only tied, which is not worth it when you're Argentine and play against a team supposedly a step below.

Bolivia is a selection applied. You point him out to Argentina in the opening match of the Copa America in La Plata and repeated in Buenos Aires, where he followed step by step what he knew by heart. A few months ago Kun prevented a greater evil, and this time it was Lavezzi, who avoided what would have been a complete failure. Bolivia scored, but the utter joy lasted only four minutes. It was just time, but it's something.

No Kun, Ricky Alvarez and Pastore made headlines and his answer was different. The Inter was completely overlooked and PSG artist encountered the best club in Argentina did throughout the match. The Sabella were what we ordered, but that guarantees nothing. It did not help the college, which gave the advantage rule in an action brought Messi Higuain to the cage. The Ecuadorian referee came around and took a bit to Argentina seeking without football, like crazy.

Without love

Messi's face did not change after the break. What Argentina did was not enough and the tragedy is chewed in minute 55. Bolivia Argentina surprised and defense was portrayed. Demichelis made ​​a fool and did not forgive Monumental. Malaga defender Moreno Martins fell asleep and was the smartest. Then, accompanied either Burdisso, who got sick thinking about how to block the shot of the 9 Bolivian Romero shot to the near post.

Bolivia and reacted Sabella scored betting the "Pocho" Lavezzi, who did a service to his nation on the first ball he touched, four minutes after the 0-1. The delicately tied with Napoli, who never had Argentina.

The Albiceleste Bolivian died attacking the castle, and without Mascherano, injured but was left with the desire to be a poorly played game. The Monumental had reason to be angry. This is not going anywhere.


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