Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Red Bull also flies in the 'pit stop'

Red Bull has not only had the best car this season, and one of the best ever, but also the team has worked like a clock around his drivers, just in case. Using a laser positioning, a special cat , more training ... whatever, or all together, Red Bull has also been the best in the wall.

According to a study published in the official World Cup website,, after analyzing the 988 pit stop occurred so far, Red Bull faster than average in nine of 17 races so far (Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, Canada , Europe, Hungary, Belgium, Italy and India).

For this average is reduced by stops for repairs, which require different procedures and are not clean pit stop. Also do not count stops made with safety car on track if traffic in the pit lane was clearly upset.

And of course do not count the 21 drive-through and the four stop-go that have been sanctioned by the Commissioners in so far this season.

Mercedes has also been very reliable, sending five times (China, Germany, Singapore, Japan and Korea), McLaren in two (Australia and Great Britain) and a Force India (Monaco).

In terms of speed, Ferrari has only been able to do once fastest pit stop (not the average of all of them) in a grand prize, like McLaren, while Red Bull again (8) and Mercedes (7 ) takes the cake in this field. This delay occurs Italian team since the beginning of the season .

Curiously, the races with a greater number of stops were Hungary (85), Turkey (80) and Spain (77), while those who had less were Italy (35), Monaco (41) and Australia (44).


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