Friday, November 11, 2011

Luis Suarez leaves Chile with poker face

Chile Uruguay glared at 4-0 in Montevideo in the third round match of World Cup qualifying with four goals in a superb Luis Suarez, who acted as a battering ram Uruguayan team intractable than its rivals and very solid in all its lines.

Liverpool striker, 24, stole all the stars of the night with four points, two at the end of the first time, in minutes 41 and 45, and two in the second half, 67 and 73 , not to mention the countless times and the game you created during the meeting.

The brightness of Suarez made a good second game displayed by the whole team of Uruguay, who justified his role as champion of America domain, quality and simplicity to a Chile who tried but could do little.

As expected, the meeting began with a very fast pace with both teams playing in dumps in the opponent without any concessions.

However, soon began generating Uruguayan striker clear danger in the area of ​​Chile, whose players did not stop its offensive effort, always aware of the counterattack, one of which forced the Uruguayan goalkeeper Fernando shine Muslera.

Nevertheless, only the inaccuracies in front of goal Suarez, who became a free-kick crashed off the crossbar, prevented Uruguay opened the scoring before the first fifteen minutes of play.

The domain Uruguayan was deepened with a constant pressure which prevented the Chilean enjoyed quality ball hesitate when you leave your ground speed, your best weapon.

The first goal was to wait until 41 minutes when Uruguay became the ball in midfield thanks to a wonderful also Arevalo Rios and Suarez was free to advance almost to the edge of the area to exceed by far the Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo .

The 'Predator' again to show off his nickname just before the close of the first half in the 45th minute, taking advantage of a bad start of Bravo and a series of rebounds in the area to jump around for the ball and score the second for his team and his private account.

The second half continued in the same vein, with a dangerous Uruguayan team, impeccable in all rows, and Chile committed an attack but completely nullified by the local pressure.

The third goal came after Suarez a very good team move initiated by Uruguay's Diego Perez dogged the brilliant Liverpool player ended with a neat header from the center of the area in 67 minutes.

The nightmare of Chileans still had time to score another goal, this time with a cross shot from a distance impossible to tackle for Bravo, 73.

The final victory over Chile in Montevideo, Uruguay was the November 15, 2003 2-1 World Cup qualifier in Germany 2006. The directed by Oscar Washington Tabarez culminating activity for this year, as will rest on the fourth day and will return for fifth in June 2012.


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