Thursday, November 10, 2011

George Karl talks about his fight against cancer: "I'm in a phase of survival"

George Karl, former coach of Real Madrid and current coach of the Nuggets (with renewed in March three years) , uses the 'lockout' of the NBA to immerse themselves in promoting the fight against cancer, a disease to he has beaten twice and his son Coby, formerly of Granada and Joventut, one ( thyroid cancer survivor in 2007 ).

Karl was one of the speakers at a meeting of the American Cancer Association, and its experience in fighting this disease has had a long hard journey among the U.S. media.

"I like to talk about cancer, but I like to talk more about basketball. Although I am now able to talk about basketball," Karl said.

Nuggets coach acknowledged that "I'm in a survival phase and now my treatment is based primarily on being healthy," and explained that he is very focused on taking care of your nutrition.

"I think of genetics is a field where there will be breakthroughs in the near future, especially with the stem cells. We are about to make great strides in the fight against cancer."

Karl last season successfully overcame harsh treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy for throat cancer that was detected in 2009 . The treatment was so hard that he even got to sit on the bench with nausea and pain.

In July 2005, overcame a prostate cancer.


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