Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 11 of 11

There is no better time than November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) to review the best '11 'in the history of football. Almost all left ends, but there are some who, without being extreme left-handed, wore this back at a particular time and very special. This is our list.

Loustau: Member of a legendary front in Argentine football and world: 'The Machine' from River Plate. In that team dazzled with Muñoz, Moreno, and Labruna Pedernera. It was a team that combines beauty with the results, one of the most memorable sets in the history of Argentine football. Fast, skilled and able to score, ended up playing as far left as '11 ', having started acting on the side. His physique led to him being called 'Chaplin', was thin and gawky gait. He won eight league in Argentina with River and three Copa America with Argentina. "Maradona is a good player, in my time there were a hundred Maradona," said more than once.

Gaínza: Gorostiza is disputed with the honor of being the best '11 'in the history of Athletic. 'Piru' was precisely Gorostiza's successor at left Bilbao in the early 40's, in a golden era for the club. Gaínza won two league titles and seven cups, is the most successful player in the cup competition -. Like good left-winger, was fast, skilful and had a knack for putting good centers. He was a legend in team history with Panizo Athletic, Iriondo, Venancio and Zarra.

Czibor: The number '11 'from a historic and beautiful team like few others, Hungary in the 50's, called' golden team 'or' The Magical Magyars'. Formed with Puskas, Kocsis, Bozsik Hidegkuti or a fabulous set is remembered despite not having achieved any great degree. A team that was exhibited at the 1954 World Cup until the final, losing to Germany 3-2. As Hungary favorite was shock that German victory was dubbed 'The Miracle of Bern'. A group that also marveled at the Honvéd, until they were forced to emigrate. In Czibor enjoyed after Barcelona, ​​alongside their fellow Kubala and Kocsis.

People: Probably the most successful player in history, at least in terms of major titles are concerned. The Spaniard is the only one who has won six European Cups, and 12 Leagues, Cups and Intercontinental Cup. Owner of the left flank of the best Real Madrid history, one of the best teams ever. It was a bullet, able to run 100 meters in under 11 seconds. The '11 'was going in handy, because it was a left end of the lifetime of the overflow to face and over and over again. The left wing was its habitat, from there make a difference. Even survived the departure of Di Stefano and Puskas and won the European Cup sixth club without them.

Collar: Joaquin Peiro formed with the 'Infernal Wing' to early 60's at Atletico Madrid. He won the first European title Atletico's 1962 Cup Winners' Cup against Fiorentina, plus a three League Cups and two of them to the Madrid of Di Stefano at the Bernabeu. Collar was fantasy, fast, skilled and had a goal, with '11 'on his back. Collar himself explained where it came from the nickname of 'Ala hell': "He came from Brazil. We were playing Joaquin and me, and said it was an infernal band by the speed at which we moved the ball."

Lapetra: He was part of 'The Magnificent' from Real Zaragoza, with Marcelino, Canario, Santos and Villa. He was a stylist, a fine player, class, capable of inventing. He played the left of the selection in the 60's with the very Gento and Collar, which speaks to their level. He won two Cups with Zaragoza and European champion Spain in 1964 thanks to the famous goal of his fellow Marcelino. One of the best players in the history of Zaragoza, a club where his name is engraved in gold letters.

Corso: 'The left foot of God' wore the '11 'Helenio Herrera's Inter, the' Great Inter ', the best interests of history, he won two Champions League in the mid-60. Corso also also won four league titles and two Intercontinental Cups as 'Nerazzurri'. The forerunner of the 'catenaccio' Herrera, had several 'fanciful' in their ranks, as Mazzola, Peiro, Luis Suarez, or Corsican. From left, Mario Corso liked to invent. He had a glove on his left, as revealed by his nickname.

Keizer: The '11 'for another regarded as one of the best teams in history: Ajax in the early 70's. He won three European Cups with Johan Cruyff, Rep, Neeskens, Krol, Haan, Mühren ... Keizer was an attacker with a goal and could play. He could put an end to the play and also be associated with Cruyff and co. Keizer was the first professional footballer in the Netherlands and the first to sign a professional contract with Ajax. In addition to three European Cups, won six leagues and four cups Dutch and one Intercontinental Cup.

Rivelino: It was a '10 'and wore the back for most of his career, but took the '11' in an almost unbeatable team, Brasil was proclaimed world champion in 1970, and only deserves to be in the detail the list. That team played with five 'tens': Pele, Tostao, Gerson, Jairzinho and Rivelino. The '10 'was owned by Pele, for what others had to share the numbers at that tournament between '7' and '11 '. The Brazil of 70 total football practiced the 'jogo bonito' and all those adjectives are attributed. Rivelino had a great dribble, drove the ball well and hitting the ball great. Corinthians and Fluminense enjoyed it as well as the Brazilian team.

Giggs: If there is any '11 'for excellence in the last two decades has been Ryan Giggs. Although in recent seasons, when has slowed, it has been 'recycled' as midfield, Giggs spread terror over many seasons left end, and not one either, but a great, it had almost everything. Very fast, with good dribbling and a glove to center. He has served on all the great Manchester United's Ferguson, first with Cantona, then with Beckham after Cristiano and Rooney. The stars have passed through Old Trafford and he has always maintained. His record says it all: two Champions League titles, 12 league titles, four FA Cup, Carling Cup four, eight Community Shield, an Intercontinental, Club World Cup and European Super Cup.

Robben: At a time when the ends are almost gone, Robben represents like few others. The Dutchman, who is left handed as good '11 ', is perhaps more comfortable leg changed, using his dribble to set in for the shot. At Bayern looks '10 ', but in the Netherlands is '11', as it was in Madrid. It has a snake in the waist and is one of the best dribblers in the world. He has won the league in Holland (PSV), England (Chelsea), Spain (Real Madrid) and Germany (Bayern). He was runner-up runner-up with Holland and Europe with Bayern. When fit is very destabilizing.

They are not the only great players who wore the '11 '. The list is long: Rhan, Bettega, Veron (father), Orsi, Argote, Lopez Ufarte, Pinino But Joya, Pepe (Santos), Beguiristain, Overmars, Nedved, Drogba ... Even people like Romario, Rivaldo Rummenigge, Best or Van Basten sometimes wore the cord, but it was not his usual number. All they did enjoy.


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