Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Neymar stays at Santos until 2014

The young Brazilian striker Neymar today signed a new contract with his club, Santos, and stated that a "family decision" will remain on the team until 2014, thus ruling out their way to Spanish football was planned for next year.

"I wanted to say I am very happy, it's another decision I made in my life and a family decision involving my dad, my mom, my sister and everyone who helped me decide," he said in a front wheel press in the port city of Santos, 60 miles from Sao Paulo.

Neymar added: "I just want to thank the fans have affection for me and the entire Saints. I'm too happy to be staying here until 2014."

On its website, Santos said the club "rewrites history and permanence Neymar get to the World Cup 2014" and published a photo of Neymar during the signing of the agreement.

The new contract, according to the club, was signed late on Wednesday between the player and the team president, Luis Alvaro Oliveira Ribeiro, but no detailed figures for the same.

The striker 19 years was at the press conference with a shirt with the inscription "It's good to be the king" (it's good to be king) and the number 2014 in the rear, also said that today's date was "the second day of my stay. "

In 2010, with a million-dollar offer from Chelsea, Santos had renewed the player's contract until 2015, but this year, with the insistence of Real Madrid and Barcelona willing to pay the contractual penalty, the Brazilian team was forced to make a new contract signed today until 2014.

The new contract, said the statement stipulated the creation of a "core management" in the player's career, caring image Neymar in his "iconic status".

Oliveira Ribeiro said in a press conference that "Neymar remains to establish itself as an idol and more, from now you will witness the birth of a myth."

"The fact is that Neymar continues with us until the 2014 World Cup. Never hid and always declared over those months was not sold Neymar" he said.

In this sense, the leader said "this quixotic struggle came to a successful conclusion. The fact is concrete and Neymar continues until the 2014 World Cup. The contract is signed and guaranteed. It is not Real or Barcelona. It is the Saints" .

According to the IG portal, the Board ahead of Santos told the decision to the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and information according to the wage increase for the player was achieved through the support of financial institutions such as State Bank do Brasil.

"I do not want to be the best in the world, I prefer to play the best competition in the world, which are freedom and the World Cup and that I can do with the Saints," said the Brazilian national team player.

Yes, the young player was dismissed with a revealing phrase, which calls into question everything that was staged, "Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow."

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