Friday, November 11, 2011

Christiano survives the 'potato field'

"The state of the grass was catastrophic," summed up strong Cristiano Ronaldo goal of laser pointers Zenica, where Portugal snatched a 0-0 draw against Bosnia worked. The grass uneven pressure and low tier offensive inspiration complicated the selection of Paulo Bento, which must decide their place in the European Championship in Lisbon on Tuesday.

In an ideal night for tough guys, Pepe shone above the rest. His marking Edin Dzeko, local star, goal of all balls, he rose above the rest. "It was fantastic, won all the duels without committing a foul," admitted Safet Susic, local technician, who wrote an eleven with a defense full of patches.

No healthy side was so slow due to position and Salihovic Zahirovic. Between them secured against Nani and Cristiano, who made the best chance visitors on 50 minutes, a nice heel wall marred by irregular bounce of the ball. That escalated the anger of the 15,000 fans who packed the stadium Bilino Polje. And again the cries for Leo Messi.

Enfuerecer Tier I wanted to CR-7, as a yellow meant his absence to return. Bosnia also wanted to muddy the duel, to make an exchange of quality balls that neutralizes the Lusa. Play favorite despair, increasingly angry with the bumps in the grass.

Howard Webb maintained order with a whistle, but midway through the second half, the Portuguese ceded the initiative. Ibisevic, warned over from Salihovic, had two good chances in the minutes 71 and 79, one provided by the Coentrao error. Since then, the fear of losing weight too for all. And Portugal only came with a side missing dumped by Nani, a defender inadvertently cleared close to the poles Begovic.


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