Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tevez, the king of the 'soap opera'

Manchester City could return to punish the Carlos Tevez to have flown to the country without permission of the club. Tevez, who did not hide his desire to leave the club in January, flew on Tuesday to his home country, according to one of his advisers "to see his family" - after deciding not to appeal a fine of two weeks without pay imposed by the City for refusing to come out in the defeat of the 'Citizens' against Bayern Munich (Champions League, September 27). It is the 'nth' snub of the player with a club that has repeatedly made public his desire to leave.

The Corinthians, speaking through its chairman, and the Tottenham Harry Redknaap have voiced their interest in acquiring his services. The player is kept waiting once the market opens in winter, but showed no preference for any club 'and kept silent. Before the whole mess happen with the City, its intention was to remain in Europe "a couple or three years before returning to Argentina." Boca's financial situation and the highest card of a player who takes 9 million per year make the option unviable country.

"Charly arrived at Ezeiza being received by the number of journalists and cameras that awaited the players cited for commitment Cup twice and met the new arrival. Sabella was clear in explaining that the former Boca was not called by their currently not playing in the City, but that is not a banned player, "said the newspaper Olé.

Tevez is again exposed to a new club sanction that directs Mancini. One of the spokesmen of the English club did not want to be blunt about the situation: "We have said several times that Carlos is aware of his situation and that has to get fit again. I can not say much more until you are back in the country. " "What will your future? Riquelme and called for a popular collection to realize their return, but also seek European clubs. For now, Charlie just seems to add facts to get away from Manchester City," says Ole.

The 27-year-old was initially charged with having refused to enter the field of play from the bench, although he insisted he had simply refused to believe that heat was ready to play. Tevez will be punished with "new discipline", he said the BBC. But his adviser, Paul McCarthy, he apologized: "He has gone to see his family."


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