Wednesday, November 9, 2011

News of the World 'also spied Jose Mourinho as Chelsea trained

The newspaper News of the World hired a private detective to track and investigate the Prince William and a hundred other personalities in the UK, has revealed the BBC BBC .

In addition to the prince, second in line of succession to the British throne, the detective hired by the Sunday shut down in July spied on ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry, Chelsy Davy , former State Attorney General Peter Goldsmith and Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho when he was in charge of Chelsea.

According to the revelations of former cop Derek Webb, the newspaper of Rupert Murdoch paid him eight years to investigate all kinds of people, from Gary Lineker exfutbolista to a famous family and the parents of actor Daniel Radcliffe , who plays Harry Potter in the cinema.

Webb told the BBC that is not "ashamed" for his actions and he did not commit illegalities in any of the work performed for the Sunday.

The company News International, owner of the newspaper, declined to comment on the "specific work" of the detective.

The newspaper News of the World was closed last July after it became known that he had tapped the phone of Milly Dowler , a girl kidnapped and killed by a pederast.

The scandal uncovered that such practices were common in the tabloid by detectives and journalists.

A new chapter in the wiretapping scandal has now opened after Webb also reveals that the rotary Murdoch hired him to spy on two of the lawyers for the victims of punctures in order to discredit them and leave them where .

News International recognized through a statement that some of those involved in the case were "under surveillance", which, he stressed, is not illegal, but " deeply inappropriate ".

Also, the head of Scotland Yard office, Tim Godwin, resigned after 30 years of service in the British police to work in a private company.

Godwin was a police officer since Paul Stephenson resigned after being involved in the scandal tracks the News of the World.


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