Thursday, November 10, 2011

The number 1 draft pick, Kyrie Irving, there is play abroad

The 'lockout' of the NBA is being particularly difficult for those players who were going to debut this season in the NBA. The rookies have gone in a few months of future stars of the league for players without a contract waiting for him to resolve the conflict between players and owners. Some even had to borrow money to meet expenses, failing to cash payroll should join their new teams.

Not the case for Kyrie Irving. The number 1 of the last draft, chosen by the Cleveland Cavaliers, has not had to ask for any credit for the time being.

However, it has changed my mind seeing that he can come over. Just over a month Irving ruled out the possibility of playing overseas if he finally suspended the season.

Now, seeing the direction they have taken the negotiations, Irving has opened the door to this option. "Failure to reach an agreement soon ... I'm here to play abroad," tweeted former Duke base.

Irving, who is taking advantage of the closure of the NBA to continue his studies in psychology, admitted he never would have thought that the conflict could last that long.


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