Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stephon Marbury also charges against Jordan and dismissed as "sold"

Michael Jordan continues to gain enemies off the field at the same speed that generated awe in it. His position during the "lockout" has earned quite a few reviews and now comes a new policy in his jaw from China. From there it was two-time All-Star, Stephon Marbury, has taken against former Bulls player and current owner of the Bobcats.

Marbury has a year in China and has just signed by the Beijing Ducks. However, despite the distance, closely follows what is happening with the negotiations of the 'lockout' and the difference in positions between players and owners. Especially with Michael Jordan. 'Starbury, most recently known for his eccentricities than for his basketball, set your goal and bore hard against six-time NBA champion.

"Michael 'Farce' Jordan is a sellout. He has forgotten what hole. He has gone from being a black cat to be a man who has forgotten that he also was a player.'re Just a regular guy. When he asked $ 36 million the Bulls for a season, no one said anything, " he said Marbury on Twitter. "I know that for many people is God, but only a man. A guy who has forgotten the game and just wants million. Even though I loved his game has never been my idol. He has never done anything to change life off the court. Nor has created nothing in basketball. The game existed before his arrival. "

Marbury also used to remind you that when Jordan was a player faced Abe Pollin, owner of the Wizards, who advised him to sell the team if he could not make a profit. "Sell your computer if you get no benefit," Marbury snapped a clear reference to the episode with Pollin. A phrase which, incidentally, also have reminded throughout the process several players and even the Billy Hunter, executive director of the union.

The basis of the Beijing Ducks joins a long list of detractors who have made ​​considered best player of all time public enemy number one.


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