Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guardiola: "One day I get tired of the train"

Pep Guardiola was again central character of an act of Banco Sabadell, which celebrated its 30 years on Thursday in Valencia coach counting on Barcelona, ​​which was submitted to a questionnaire. 1,500 customers of the bank attended the live interview in which Pep analyzed the group management.

The Santpedor surprised by sending a notice to mariners, "I know there will be a day when I tire of training and I'll stop. It happened to me as a player, there came a time when I got tired of everything. I hope that day comes, because I usually throw before you can choose. So far I have done, but will not always be so. "

Guardiola also said "Mourinho is perhaps the best coach in the world" and surrendered to Leo Messi: "I do not see a player like him."

Pep spoke not only of the Argentine, but the rest of his players: "" If I win because I have a great team and a budget of 400 million behind. If my players were not so good people could win something, but twelve of fifteen titles. And I'm smarter than you shit, sometimes I read things that say about me in newspapers and even I understand them. "

Barcelona coach has made clear that "I have the luck to have a generation of players only. All part of the passion. These players were out playing football inside, is something that's in their blood."

Pep said "the love and the friction is key to a group. Someone has to take decisions and I'm there because I'm paid to do. To have 90,000 people calling you donkey is hard, but it is nevertheless have 5,000. Just come the elect, "he said.


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