Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pacquiao and Marquez ready for battle

Everything went normally, without any eccentricity, and setbacks in the weighing for the third fight between welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao and Filipino challenger Juan Manuel Marquez.

After passing the last official procedures, everything is ready for both fighters will meet Saturday welterweight scepter endorsed by the World Boxing Organization.

Pacquiao, 32, raised the needle on the scale up to 143 pounds (64.8 kilograms), while Marquez weighed 142 (64.4 kilograms) for the fight scheduled 12 episodes and a maximum weight of 144 pounds , for the crown that has the boxer, political and filipino singer.

The world champion says he's ready to get out of the ring with his title of champion and $ 25 million charge for the match that, besides leaving the balance in their favor trilogy of fights that are going to star in both fighters.

While Marquez, 38, who beat Pacquiao in the previous two matches, will try to show that in fact has exceeded filipino in the final guaranteed salary that is five million dollars, the best bag that has received now in your career.

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Both come with a different physical structure than they had in their two previous fights, if Márquez has gained muscle, Pacquiao, who has sent the Mexican to the canvas four times in the two previous fights, is more powerful than when it faced three years and also has more mobility.

The power of both and the technique of the two fighters, who are dedicated to throwing punches almost from beginning to end, could foresee that the fight will end by knockout, but can be long for the endurance that both fighters have to fit the punishment.

For Pacquiao is the first time you board a ring since he beat Shane Mosley last May, to meet an old friend and rival as Marquez, who has fought 24 episodes that are already part of boxing history .

In his first bout seven years ago, weighing 125 pounds faced (56.7 kg), and the second, four years ago, it was agreed at 130 pounds (59 kilograms).

This time the fight is at welterweight (147 pounds or 66.7 kilograms), weighing 144 pounds agreed on (65.3 kilograms).

At that weight, the filipino unfolds easily, unlike Marquez, who in his only fight above 140 pounds (63.5 kg) was defeated by undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The conditions for each fighter to make the Filipino favorite numbers 7-1 in the city of Las Vegas, where he will contest the bout at the MGM Garden Arena, the hotel.

For Pacquiao, who had his last defeat in 2005 at 130 pounds, the fight, to be played on the MGM Garden Arena, MGM Hotel, Las Vegas (Nevada), means risking a streak of 14 consecutive wins the crown, with Marquez, a fighter who has been champion in three different categories.

If Pacquiao manages to win all set to leave in 2012 can be given the big fight that everyone hopes against Mayweather Jr., while Marquez with a win would get the claim to be the best in the trilogy and avenge the boxing Mexican defeats they inflicted on the Filipino champion.

In addition to earning an opportunity also rematch against Mayweather Jr., who would have the support of boxing fans.


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