Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The NBA meets with the players before the end of the ultimatum

The NBA and the players union will meet at 19:00 Spanish time to try to save the season. Although the players rejected the latest offer from the owners, were open to negotiate and Stern finally has granted that request.

The meeting will be in small groups, it is expected that the owners attending Stern and Silver, Deputy Commissioner, and the Spurs owner Peter Holt of. As reported by CBS, by the union attending Fisher, Hunter and economist Kevin Murphy.

Kessler finalmante do attend the meeting after his controversial statements. The lawyer rebuked the owners: "The NBA is treating players as plantation workers" , but has apologized. Apparently they have been accepted and is another in the dialogue table .

From Yahoo reports that Stern has permission from the owners to maneuver in negotiating the system, provided that the players accept the 50-50 division of the BRI, which dropped yesterday after the union meeting Fisher and Hunter. The commissioner repeated yesterday that if the term of the ultimatum given last weekend (23:00 Spanish time) the players had not accepted the offer, the following would be worse . This deadline has been extended until the end of the current meeting, according to several U.S. media.


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