Friday, November 11, 2011

The NBA offers a marathon season with 72 games in just four months

The ball is now in the court of the players. The last meeting of 'lockout' David Stern has done with improving previous offer by the owners to representatives of players and now it is they who must decide what to do with it. This time, Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter and other union members present in New York have rejected the proposal and have stated that the put to the vote among the players. A ballot on which depends the future of the NBA.

If the players vote next Tuesday and accept the offer of Stern, the season is almost entirely saved. This was confirmed by the NBA commissioner himself proposing a marathon campaign. The regular season would begin on Dec. 15 and continuing through April 28 , a week longer than usual. In these 132 days would dispute a total of 1080 meetings, 72 per team , leaving a monthly average of 18 shocks.

To fit the schedule, each team will play twice with each of the 15 teams in the opposite conference and three times with those of their own conference. This would leave us with a season that would extend the time a week than usual. As the playoffs, ending a week later than usual.

To approve the proposal, this calendar would stop players only play 10 games of the 82 comprising a normal season. This means that 'only' lost 12% of their salary. For its part, the owners would no longer enter the equivalent of five home games. That is, despite the losses, save most of the season in all respects.

The only moles that appear in the calendar of Stern is the preparation of the London Olympics by the national teams. Including the NBA and Dream Team. The Games will start on July 27, 2012 and the season ending in late June, so just have a month to focus the team and prepare for the Olympics. And especially after marathon after a season in his legs.


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