Saturday, November 12, 2011

The players are hesitant to accept the offer or dissolve the union

On Monday November 14 and Derek Fisher Billy Hunter will meet in New York with 30 players representing each NBA franchise with three options on the table: to approve the latest proposal from the NBA and end the lockout, make a counter ( David Stern, NBA commissioner, has said that after the 50-50 offered at the BRI will be worse the following offers starting with a 53-47) or send an email to each player in the NBA and ask for your vote to see if or just not the lockout.

There is a much more radical fourth option might seriously endanger the season and could cause a collapse similar to the MLB or the NHL: the dissolution of the union. A group of players, led by Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade and Jason Kidd (and with the support of major players) seems to have gathered support from more than 200 players (out of 450 total) to dissolve the union and take legal action against the NBA for violating anti-trust laws.

If this happens there are two options: to formally request the dissolution of the union and expected within about 45 days until it becomes official, or request that the request is executed immediately (disclaimer).
If you take the first option, it is normal to intensify meetings to try to reach an agreement to sign a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as the judges could in principle by the players taking part in the negotiations. If you take the second option, the battle between the NBA and the union will worsen and it is normal to miss the entire season.

As on Monday, the general feeling is that the option to reject the latest offer from the NBA gaining strength and the 200 vote margin is more than enough to demand the dissolution of the union.


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