Thursday, November 10, 2011

The book 'Juanito Fuengirola Genius' sees the light

The book 'Juanito Fuengirola's genius', the biography of the late footballer Juan Gómez González, will be presented this Thursday at 20.00 am at the Santiago Bernabeu, in a ceremony attended by some of his relatives and former teammate.

The biography chronicles the career of Johnny, from its beginnings in his hometown Fuengirola (10/11/1954) until his unfortunate death in a car accident the morning of April 2, 1992 after going to the Bernabeu to watch Real Madrid match -Torino.

The book recalls his beginnings as a teenager at Atletico Madrid, with whom he was injured playing against Benfica a benefit match for victims of Managua, which meant at the end of his career as Atletico and subsequent march to Burgos, where did the revival of his career.

It also details his emergence at Real Madrid, which came in the 1977-78 season and where the wayward genius became a legend over ten seasons before retiring after a campaign in Malaga and starting his career as coach on the bench of Merida, where he was when he died.

The biography, written by David Rodriguez Castro also recalls its way through the Spanish and includes comments and opinions of family, friends and former teammate at different clubs.


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