Wednesday, November 9, 2011

England wins the battle of poppies

FIFA allows England players wear the traditional paper poppies in memory of fallen British soldiers from World War I black armbands during the match with Spain next Saturday.

This was announced today the English Football Association after reaching an agreement with FIFA , after intense debate in the UK. The FA said in a statement of change of FIFA, who initially had prohibited international footballers this country has embroidered on the team jersey red poppy that many citizens look at this time of year as a symbol of the Day I remember.

The federation said today that "while continuing to respect the rules of the game, wearing the bracelets poppies enables the 'poppies' are visible throughout the game." "The FA welcomes FIFA decision and thanked them for agreeing to this bill," added the FA.
The agreement reached by both organizations is not against the rules of FIFA, which prohibits players' jerseys display symbols, while allowing the exposure of these poppies to the public.

The United Kingdom each year commemorates the day that ended World War I , the November 11, 1918, through paper poppies to honor the British troops and raise money for veterans.

In the initial refusal of FIFA, both the British Prime Minister David Cameron, as Prince William of England, honorary president of the FA, wrote letters to world football's governing body to "reconsider" its decision.


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