Thursday, November 10, 2011

Iniesta: "Compare this goal for Chelsea? Each one has its own importance"

Andres Iniesta scored a goal against L'Hospitalet, somewhat reminiscent of that achieved by Fuentealbilla at Stamford Bridge: "Every goal is important and it has given us to be ahead in the tie," he said in Cope.

The party has been clear color Barca: "L'Hospitalet goalkeeper has released several very good hands in a game that has been typical of this competition."

Iniesta also spoke about the present moment through the Real Madrid: "Everyone can make you want to debate. Certainly they are leaders because they are doing things right but I still think my team is number 1".

Cesc brings many things at Barcelona: "It's a very complete player and allows the team to have many alternatives in the field."

Finally, he spoke of Neymar: "He is a player of great quality, if it has been considered in the Santos what is best for him."


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