Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cobra whole the option of dissolving the union: the season in the air

As on Monday, a date chosen for the players of each team representatives meet in New York , the general feeling is that the option to reject the latest offer from the NBA gains momentum. The union (NBPA) could present a counterproposal to the NBA or directly dissolve the union, led by Paul Pierce option that already has more than 200 signatures to proceed with this transaction and take legal action against the NBA.

Of course, David Stern, NBA commissioner, has been adamant about the possible dissolution of the union: "If there is no union, not the 4,000 million guaranteed contract established under the requirement that there be a union. If agents continue to insist on playing with fire burning guess it will end "

An important part of players has been showing their dissatisfaction with the proposal well in Twitter or in various local media or national of the United States. The end of the lockout might not be as close as the messages thrown by several players and secondary path opened up by Pierce, Kidd (Mavericks' union representative) and Wade:

Jason Terry (Dallas): "The offer is not good, as players would not be good or parael or for future basketball players. In society there are three classes: high, medium, low and they want the owners to eliminate the middle class to be one or two high-class players per team and the rest are low-class "

OJMayo (Memphis): "I think this is not the best deal possible, but players are desperate enough to accept  thing"

Danny Granger (Pacers team representative-and-): "From what I've read and heard the opposition is the same as we had several weeks ago with some minor changes. I guess Serna rejected the offer as players may know a little better. The siguiete will not know which way "

Ron Artest (Lakers): "Wow, the lockout does not look good"

Omri Casspi (Cavaliers): "we seem to be bad after we have agreed to a 50/50 which is over 2,800 million for the owners in the course of 10 years. I think it's time to offer them the treatment they want and pass the pressure. # dissolution "

TJ Ford (Pacers): "We said that the 50/50 was not fair, but the system is not fair and we can not reach agreement on those terms "

Jared Dudley (Phoenix Suns): "We have given the owners 350 million a year. It seems that not enough"

Anthony Tolliver (Timberwolves team representative-and-): "I'm not against the dissolution of the union but do not say that I favor.'m in the middle. I think there is still time to reach an agreement and that by reference to the last lockout, the season is not yet in danger. "

In addition, ESPN believes that the agreement be rejected as a source can not reveal "There is no option for players to accept this"

According Hoopsworld a union member told him that "we can not accept this deal. There is no agreement."

At Yahoo!, Adrian Wojnarowski points to what a player said: "We told them that go down 53% and they did. We told them we would not accept this. Why are we wasting time?"


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