Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rescue of his kidnapped Wilson Ramos

Venezuelan authorities rescued alive at major league baseball in the United States Wilson Ramos, who was kidnapped last Wednesday and found after a police operation in a remote area of ​​Carabobo state, in central-west.

Interior Minister Tarek El Aissami, said in a statement to state television VTV that the operation had been arrested three people, one Colombian and allegedly linked to paramilitary groups. "Until now we have three detainees do not know their identities but we hope to know," he said. The Aissami said he had talked with the player and that he was in good health.

The player, 24, was kidnapped on Wednesday in his mother's house in the city of Valencia, Carabobo state capital, when he was assaulted by armed men and forced to move into a van, authorities said. "We anticipate that one of the people involved in this, is a Colombian national, and is linked to paramilitary groups and kidnappings. However, this information we will confirm when we have the identity of the detainees," he said.

He stressed that the intelligence work that led to the whereabouts and subsequent release of Ramos were based on the Colombian citizen who is required by its connection with the kidnapping. He indicated that since the investigations began successfully detected several criminal organizations involved in kidnapping.

The news of the release of the receptor and the Washington Nationals in Venezuela Aragua Tigers was carried out by the communications minister, Andres Izarra, in his account of the social network Twitter. "Baseball Ramos found alive by security bodies Montalban mountain area, Edo CBOB" he said.

Subsequently, the Minister El Aissami Ramos confirmed the release of the Clear Water sector in the state central Venezuela, explaining that he had been notified by "text" of successful operation in the area since no communication. "We have no details of the operation was performed, but we mean that in the morning President Hugo Chavez commander authorized an air rescue operation with support from the National Guard (military police)," said the minister. "We're evacuating all the security measures for this type of operation our officers, Wilson, to bring him safely to the city of Valencia," he added.


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